Touchdown Fort Lauderdale

It’s no ordinary day because me and my cousin just landed in the U, S and A! The flight was quite long with ten hours to kill but we did quite all right. Two movies, some sleep and a little chatting. Right now, we’re at our first Hilton hotel for this trip. My cousin, Jennie, works at Hilton in Stockholm and she arranged this for us. Cousins with benefits. Ha!

This is my first time in the States, it feels so unreal to finally be here. The heat and the palm trees, and all the American flags… Wow. I haven’t been abroad since 2007 (except from London). I am so excited!

I should be dead tired whilst writing this, it’s 10:18 PM here in Florida and it’s 4:18 AM in Sweden but we’re doing fine actually. West is best, apparently! I thought it would be worse. I guess we could sleep if we tried to but we’re making an effort to manage the jet lag.

Now, American pancakes!

We’re going to Miami

About two weeks ago I received a message on Snapchat from my cousin; she asked me if I wanted to go with her to Florida in mid-September. The answer was: ”YEAH”! Hence, in four days I’m leaving for Stockholm and in five days me and Jennie will be boarding a flight to Fort Lauderdale! I have never been in the States before so I am super excited. Jennie used to work and live there so I’m basically going there with a tour guide which is perfect. I cannot wait! I haven’t been abroad to palm trees since 2007 so I think I’m worth it. Although the everyday weather down there right now seems to be ”thundery showers and a gentle breeze” I think I’ll manage to get a tan as we’re staying there for TWO weeks and the UV is still very high.

The last couple of days in between work, the only thing I’ve been doing is planning our trip; watching Youtube vlogs from Miami and following lots of new local bars, cafés and restaurants on Instagram. Make sure to follow my public Instagram account @jubileejulia for updates! I will try to update here as well though so stay tuned!

Brazilian Bum Bum

Ladies and gents, if you haven’t already heard of this award-winning body cream, I am more than happy to introduce you to it! The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream from Sol de Janeiro (to the left) is severely addictive. The smell, pistachio and salted caramel, is amazing. It is not too heavy, not too light and it lasts. After I’ve applied it, I always find myself smelling my arms throughout the day. I’m obsessed. Besides, I love the natural key ingredients for great moisture (etc.), yet it absorbs very quickly. It sort of feels like soufflé and the skin gets super smooth and pinchable. Ha! I highly recommend it, peeps! I went to buy the travel size today as it may come in handy soon enough, but I already have two big ones as well… How cute and Instagram-friendly is the yellow little pot by the way?

Oh, I also found a new soap. I needed it. Savon de Marseille, merci beaucoup!

The Next BOSS

Another day, another business attire. I’m in love with this silk blouse from Hugo Boss and I wouldn’t mind the rest of the outfit as well. Thanks!

Nose job

I’m back with blogging! So, here I am in my bed in the middle of the day; barely breathing, hardly speaking and merely writing this post. I went to see a doctor this morning. Don’t worry, I didn’t have an operation to change the shape of my nose. Although I’ve been considering it an infinite number of times, I would most certainly never do it as my future children would still get my nose (50/50 obviously). It’s not too bad though, I’ll give myself a break.

I did, however, do something to my nose today. Since I was a kid, I’ve had severe nosebleeds and I finally decided to grab the bull by its horns. I was referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat unit where I “burnt” (cauterised) the bleeding point. Apparently, I’ve got some really big blood vessels in there. No wonder I’ve had my fair share of nosebleeds! My dear grandmother is surely tired of me calling her for support every time it happens. Hence, just in time for her birthday… Nah, just kidding! I mainly did this for myself. I know she can handle it whilst I can’t. I’m done with the blood and the vomiting that occurs and yes, I’ll spare you the deets from here.

Before I go back to Netflix and chill (post-treatment self-care), I’m just going to let you know that I’m fine. Also, I’ll be back in a month for another procedure – the other side of the nose. I can’t wait… My right nostril is stuffed with stuff and I’m not allowed to take it out before bedtime. Great stuff!!!


As I’ve been hosting conferences since February this year, I’ve started to look for more corporate daily looks; including blazers, shirts etc. I recently found these white loafers from Everlane and I really like them (especially the orange sole). Even though I wouldn’t be allowed to wear these at work (strict dress code), I would love to take them for walks in the city – running errands with class.

Soft serve

The state of experiencing no difficulty, effort, pain, etc. Completely at ease. Thank you, Hansens Copenhagen at Broens Gadekøkken/The Bridge Street Kitchen! No doubt, the best vanilla soft ice cream I’ve ever had. W-o-w. I’ll be back for more, ice cream (and brain freeze) galore!

Neither with you nor without you

Good evening! It’s been a while since I last published something on here. I’ve been busy with family, friends and a lot of work at my new workplace, Turning Torso – Sky High Meetings, where I host conferences. I love it. I get to meet the most interesting people and the venue is incredible. I operate on the top floors in the highest skyscraper of the Nordic region. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds, actually. I am very glad and grateful.

Besides from being happy, and probably happier than ever – I still get anxious. I feel like my worth is dependant on performance. Unfortunately, that’s the way I was raised – solely praised for achievements. Even though I know that I am a good person and should be valued for who I am, I find it hard to give myself a break. At the end of the day, most of what I do is a subconscious attempt to impress in order to feel worthy of attention. It’s so bad. The real struggle truly lies within myself nowadays. I obviously didn’t get a full life toolbox out of my childhood but I’m an adult now, it’s no one’s job but my own to take care of me – and I want to do that. I will have to find the missing tools on my own before I can start using them – in order to heal my ambivalent soul.

All of this makes perfect sense to me, yet it hurts pretty bad at times. I’ve got so much love to give. Why is it so hard to give some to myself? I know I deserve it, I just don’t have that sense of being loveable, supposedly because I never really felt that warm unconditional love towards me before. It’s a constant fight between what I know and what I think. I have some serious sorting to do…

I get misunderstood a lot. I don’t blame anyone, sometimes I don’t even understand myself. However, I want you to know this: when sharing these personal stories, it is not because I want you to take on responsibility for my well-being. I merely share out of sincerity to give you a fair chance of understanding where I come from. I often get the feeling that people believe it’s their job to fix me and so they shy away because that’s just too much. It is too much, and I don’t expect that from anyone but myself, OK? As far as I know, friendship is about being supportive to the extent of personal ability. I know my friends care regardlessly, they don’t have to move mountains for me. You amount to more than effort. As do I.

Action, baby

London Has Fallen, Olympus Has Fallen, Taken 3, Unknown… What do these titles have in common? Well, apart from that I watched all of them recently, these films are all about action which is so not my style. I’m not a big fan of action movies, yet I decided to watch these – and liked them. Why? The only explanation is a serious lack of action and excitement in my life at the moment. Ha. Besides, Gerard Butler and Liam Neeson are always easy to watch and I also found the screenplays rather clever; not Inception clever (I still haven’t figured that one, ugh) but intriguing. I prefer films where I don’t have to think too much, presumably because I am embarrassingly bad at watching movies in general. My mind always wanders, I get on the phone and start scrolling my Instagram feed instead, or I’m just leaving without pausing for a cuppa… Hi, my name is Julia and I am a helpless film abuser. Hi Julia!!!

Diaries are a girl’s best friend

Good day, peeps! Long time no ”see”, but I promise you that I’m alive even though I am fairly dead as we speak. Ha. I’m in bed coughing my lungs out along with fever, day 2. It all started yesterday after working and working out the whole weekend – without any symptoms at all. Very strange, I must say. Anyway, besides from painkillers, diaries are indeed a girl’s best friend at these times. Bridget marvellous Jones, I’m coming for ya!