Trick or treat?

It’s pumpkin spice everything season and I couldn’t be more in love with PSLs, and the striking colour orange! Images from Zalando.

If the crown fits, wear it.

My little sister Emma’s 9th birthday is coming up! In fact, my little brother’s 10th as well – at the very same day. However, they do not share the same parents. Anyway, my mother asked me yesterday what we should get Em, and here are some of my suggestions: Thomas Sabo charms, SUNNYLIFE floats, pink Ray-Ban and Under Armour sports clothing. She is a ‘Little Miss Princess’, a character of a kind with the kindest heart, yet with a lot of attitude; she knows what she wants and I love it (she is just like me that way). Besides, she is a busy little girl and my mother and I call her a fashionista. Emma rarely has time for nothing but her friends, and she always dresses in nice apparel. It does not really matter what she is wearing – she is beautiful inside and out and she is one of those people who looks good in everything. I wish I was as photogenic as her! Apart from that, Emma and I have a lot in common (for instance, we are both regular globetrotters), we often like and want the same things and we certainly look up to each other. Of course, she deserves only the best on her birthday – and always (the same goes for all of my siblings)!

Stockholm i mitt hjärta.

Stockholm. Stockhome. My city. My hometown. I left less than 24 hours ago after 11 wonderful days. I am shocked. Heartbreaking news yet again. I have not been able to eat anything today since the very first headline, partly because I am sick but mainly owing to this. How hard can it be to “be kind to one another” as Ellen DeGeneres always says? I walked past the Åhléns mall and Drottninggatan only yesterday. Dear family, friends and fellow human beings – be safe. Stockholm, you are always in my heart.

Travellers wake up in new cities.

Hello from Stockholm! I arrived yesterday and it is so good to be back with family and friends in the city where I grew up. I am staying with my grandparents and last night after dinner we went to see one of my aunts, some of my cousins and their lovely Siberian cats, Jon Snow & Yoda. This evening my grandfather’s wife and I had some coffee and tea in front of the TV (my grandfather was on a business meeting). We also shared some sweets that I got for free at the MOOD Galleria earlier today. It has been a great Tuesday with sunshine and a lot of strolling. However, I started the day at the police because I had to renew my passport and ID card. Ugh. I do not like doing that. It costs and the image never even gets okay. Oh well, the third picture had to do. Anyway, if you want to see some more photographs from my day(s) please follow my public account on Instagram: @jubileejulia. Have a good one!

Je suis Londres.

Thank you all for sharing and spreading the love. I am overwhelmed by the attention and the fact that I am labeled as a Londoner. I have been waiting for the day! That is a major reason why I love London – everyone is welcome. I think my picture below from London Underground illustrates that perfectly.

London is indeed open.


My skin cannot not do without the UltraCalming series from Dermalogica and my hair is just frizzy and tangled without Orofluido’s elixir and mask.

Arne Jacobsen.

When I found this designer/Arne Jacobsen measuring jug at Illums Bolighus several weeks ago, I had to buy it. I did not own anything like this before and it certainly makes measurements a lot easier. Apparently, ordinary glasses serves another purpose. Now, I just need a corkscrew. It turns out that bottles of wine do not open themselves. In the meantime, I will sip champagne; it requires no corkscrew, no measuring nor the right kind of glass – as long as it is consumed everything is in order. Cheers!

London is open.

Let us take a minute or two, to think of how truly beautiful London is in so many ways: the diverse and friendly people, splendid architecture and a delightful overall atmosphere. I do not believe how anyone would want to hurt such a wonderful world.

Heartbreaking news.

London, my London, my thoughts are with you as per usual. Nevertheless, a little more at the moment. I am shaken to the core and yet I have only seen the headlines; I do not want to read the full news. I have been to Westminster several times so it is not hard to imagine the scenes anyway. I wish it was.

I feel so much for that city and its people. I have spent a lot of time there the last couple of years so, I am certainly close to tears after these shocking events. However, I am trying to keep calm. We are not afraid.

I may be heartbroken right now but my heart will always beat strongly for London. It was love at first sight and there are feelings that just never end.

PS, feel free to share this picture but remember that it is mine. I own the rights. Please do not give yourself nor anyone else but me credit for it. I would appreciate if you link the blog ( or my Instagram and Twitter account: @jubileejulia. Thanks.

Resort 2017.

Yep, I thought I recognised this Chloé sweater from somewhere! I might have to get it because it sure looks so good, and luxury loungewear is always welcome here!