Today it is 65 days until I get to see my mother and siblings in Bangkok, Thailand, where they currently live. I cannot wait to go there, both to see them all, of course, but also to get some sun again. I need it. I’ve been to Bangkok before, when I was six years old. I don’t remember much but the memories I have are mainly bad ones. I know it smelled badly in the streets. Ha! If anyone has been there, feel free to give me some advice on where to go, etc. I’m busy planning my trip and I have a long list already, but please, if there’s something I just cannot miss – let me know!

Better than sex

Ugh, I am tired of swiping left and all those late night WhatsApp chats that lead nowhere. So, this year I might as well spice things up with myself. LUSH Cosmetics have released a limited edition series of Valentine’s gifts and I NEED at least a few of them: an Aubergine bath bomb, a Peachy bath bomb and The Big Banana massage bar.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing someone you care and spending quality time with that special someone. In my case, yet another year, that happens to be nobody but me. Teamed with a book and a cuppa, I am ready to pamper and indulge in some good self-loving this February. Never have I ever had a better reason to get naked!

One winter’s night, a snowman comes to life

“This Barbour Christmas, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman we’re celebrating the magic of believing, that maybe, just maybe, dreams will come true…”

Can I have this book to read for my future kids, please?

I also want one of these adorable Steiff snowmen made of cuddly soft plush – obviously for me. Seriously, look at his tangerine nose. I want him. The Snowman.


It’s that time of the year again, Christmas adverts are being released one after one and this is my favourite by far. I urge you to watch this emotional but beautiful story in HD. It is a brilliant ad that truly raises awareness with its honesty. Say hello to Rang-tan!

You’re in for a treat

Currently busy editing a lot of stunning photos from Florida – Miami and Fort Lauderdale. There are so many pictures! Here’s a little sneak peek for you in the meantime. Stay tuned!

Versatile for the city or for those stops to sophisticated mountain resorts

I am already a proud owner of two coats from the Danish brand Rains, but I don’t have this transparent one and I really think I need it… I mean, how cool would it be to stay dry whilst simultaneously showing off your on-point outfit underneath? And the other one – the glittery Moncler. Let’s just say that I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas!


First day in Miami I went straight to this beautiful salon for both a mani and pedi. I went for a natural look, white/pink colour on my fingers and a light orange on my toes. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the nails in particular but I might be able to find a picture with my hands or feet in it. Ha! It was well worth the visit though. I mean, look at the amazing interior. It was such a calm atmosphere, a great place to relax. Besides, I am very fond of the name of the shop, “LUV” – inspired by self-love. So, I basically went there to give love to my body and myself. It is so important. Don’t ever forget to take care of yourself – because you’re worth it!


Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur have opened a flagship at Kastrup/Copenhagen Aiport – which is where I work nowadays. I cannot wait to go get one of these fluffy fur scrunchies and the white sleeping mask for future long-hauls. I just love their products. I’m aware it’s fur, and I don’t support animal cruelty but this fur comes from farms with the highest animal welfare. You can read more here if you like. The hardest decision is choosing which one (or three) to get.

Disney x Coach

Mickey Mouse is turning 90 this year and Christmas is coming so… Here’s what I might get myself. The question is, which colour do I want? The pink coin case is easier to match all seasons but, the red one is just so hot!

Florida day 11, Saturday: Lazy Saturday

After I’d spent more or less half of the day by the pool. Back-in-Fort-Lauderdale-burger-brunch. Second time at this place during our stay. Buergerfi’s Burgers were A-OK. Especially this one, The CEO.

Post-brunch Publix shopping! I just love how Americans take every season and tradition very seriously. Pumpkin spice everything and Halloween items everywhere. I hit the pumpkin shelves fairly hard and I do miss them in Sweden. Besides, I can only imagine what pops up in the stores now as we approach Christmas time. I truly believe you have to experience every season in the States to get to know the country for real and I would certainly not mind!

American essentials.

At the end of the day in our huge shared hotel bed with The Weeknd in front of us. It was such a great show and I had that amazing feeling in my body – being on vacation whilst listening to his amazing voice. It was a live performance too, it almost felt like we were there singing along with the crowd. Just lovely.