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I like my money right where I can see it…

Today, it was impossible not to bring home those comfy pyjamas trousers from Björn Borg, a few socks from Tommy Hilfiger and two pairs of mini shorts, also from Björn Borg. I saw a lot of other garments that looked nice in several shops, but I am extremely picky with the fit, materials and seams. I will tell you more about that later. However, my wallet must be grateful!

Stockholm Quality Outlet.

Acne, Björn Borg and Calvin Klein are just three out of many stores that I visited today at Stockholm Quality Outlet in Barkarby! I have not been there in a while so it was nice to see the newly built part of the village with lots of new brands/shops. It was really cosy to do evening shopping actually, not too busy and jolly with the Christmas/winter lights. Normally, I am a morning shopper because I hate it when it is too crowded, but since the outlet is a bit out-of-town I suppose weekdays are okay in that way. I will show you what I bought in my next blog post!


Although Christian is not one of my favourite names, there are undoubtedly some great men with the name: Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin and last but not least, Christian Lacroix (just to name a few)! There is a reason why I took French in school – I like Frenchmen and even more, French fashion designers! I got hold of this stunner from Christian Lacroix Papier (obviously) today at Illums Bolighus and it was half-price – a real bargain! This is exactly what I have been looking for, a nice notebook with blank pages so that I can jot down any ideas concerning my fashion start-up, Jubilee Line! Initially, I was looking for a more fashion-inspired book but since I could not find one, this was the second best option with the colourful cover and the edge gilding in silver. I love it!

I’m a dangerous (wo)man with some money in my pocket.

The Varick Legging from Polo Ralph Lauren – because when you find your favourite pair of jeans in black and on sale, you have to get them. They fit like a glove and they are very comfortable. Larsen loves Lauren.

She’s headed for the big time.

Because heaven forbid it should fall out of place… I suppose that one cannot have too many Tangle Teezers and Kent Brushes! Normally, I advocate quality over quantity but in this case I have obviously succeeded with both. I am so eager to try the new blow-styling round tool which I have never used before. I have a feeling that it will give my hair a decent Hollywood look. The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush (The Ultimate Pink) however, I have already used several times and it is magical. The design is not only appealing but also user-friendly; easy and nice to hold and I love the longer teeth for my thick hair! The Kent brush is a smaller version of one that I already have and use every day. I. Just. Cannot. Get. Enough!

If you ever go down to London town, your legs will turn to jelly!

Welcome to the family, Reebok Women Classics Freestyle Hi! This is, according to me, the ultimate style to stroll around in London with since they are both classy and comfortable! These are easier than boring walking shoes to match with clothes, and they provide better cushioning and support than flats. Yet, the thing that I like the most about these wedges is, of course, the little Union Jack flag! I will always walk in the UK with these on my feet. So sweet!

Evolution of smooth.

New in: eos lip balms, Winterberry and Vanilla Bean (Holiday 2016 Limited Edition), and the best part – I got them on sale! I cannot live without these organic little eggs. Delightful softness. Warm smiles. Yes, please!


I received this darling today!


I went shopping! Online. (Still bedridden.) I have been looking for a new pair of the very best Nike Dunk Sky Hi (to the left) for a very long time now; they seem to be impossible to get hold of nowadays… So, I still hold on to the ones that I have, although they are almost worn out by now after nearly three and a half years together! Those shoes are one of my best purchases ever and they certainly are my favourite trainers. Anyway, since I could not find them yet again, I decided to buy similar ones from Reebok instead. On sale! I truly dig a fresh pair of sneakers and I cannot wait for them to be delivered! By the way, the Reebok Freestyle Hi, as they are called, were first produced in the early 80s. My mother used to wear black ones in the 90s, and I used to borrow them as Pippi (Longstocking) shoes when I was a kid. I guess they will never go out of style. I love it!

I gotta get me, myself and mine.

I truly love sales. However, I hate to go shopping (too crowded). Nevertheless, I like to have/wear/possess nice things. Who doesn’t? Consequently, I forced myself to visit Illums Bolighus the other day since they had a Christmas shopping event for loyal customers with 20 % off! Illums Bolighus is one of my favourite interior stores with lots of lovely Danish design, and not least because they sell designer clothing as well. I bought a lace top from Rosemunde in the colour “Vintage Powder” and some new additional copper hangers from HAY. Yay!