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Today was good!


Just a few images from last year’s birthday celebration(s) in London that lasted for about three days! Friday: 155 metres up, the spectacular Sky Garden and pre-birthday drinks. Saturday: April 2nd and my 21st birthday, lunch with friends and a delicious homemade Swedish sticky cake. Sunday: unfortunately no pictures from the lovely afternoon tea at a new hotel nearby the O2 – with a fantastic view over to Canary Wharf and its skyscrapers!

Where I want to be

I may not always be in London, but London is always in me!

In love with a city

In this post I am going to reveal my true feelings about my London, but first I am going to let you know what I am up to right now, and the next few days. At the moment, I am in my flat listening to BBC Radio 1 which I must admit is severely addictive; once I have tuned in, it is nearly impossible to disconnect. Ha. I guess the combination of contemporary music, lovely British hosts and up-to-date news is what makes it hard to leave. Besides, it is the ideal mate when you are alone.

I am a person who knows exactly how to enjoy my own company. I had to learn it, the hard way. Today, I frequently choose being in my flat all by myself because it takes a lot of energy to make appearances. I easily get distressed by the expectations of others. However, those are surely just my own nowadays, yet as a result of others’ back in the days… I feel that I have so much to prove, so much to live up to and so much to be, that I may not have within me. Presumably one of the reasons that I find it easier to spend time with my elders – they are not as superficial. Anyway, I do not mind being solo. It is quite another thing to be/feel lonely – which is not really my case.

This weekend I have a dear friend flying in from Canary Wharf/London! I will see her on Sunday and I cannot wait. The last time I saw her was in September last year. I am sure she will bring a little bit of spring to our country. She is a ray of sunshine!

Ever since 2010 I have been visiting London and my friends there regularly. It has been a retreat, an escape from reality in a way and thus I associate London with sheer bliss. I always feel welcome and my worries are, without exception, left in Sweden; they certainly do not fit in my suitcase as I am travelling light, which is crucial when you are into London shopping!

I have my parents and siblings in southern Sweden. The rest of my relatives live in Stockholm. My friends are all over the world. In London, I left my heart. It was love at first sight. The diverse and friendly people, splendid architecture and a delightful overall atmosphere. Whenever I am not in London, I try to manipulate my senses in order to feel as much London as possible, simply, to feel good. BBC Radio 1 is obviously one of the tricks. Molton Brown Dewy Lily of the Valley and Star Anise Body Lotion is another; a scent that I purchased in London and used there for the first time. Accordingly, I think it smells London. Movies, tea, Thomas Sabo Charms – you name it. I even take every opportunity to speak English. I may have been born and raised in Stockholm but just as you can be born in the wrong body, I was born in the wrong city!


Copenhagen February 2nd with my dear friend Claudia. London Fog and a croissant for me at Original Coffee/Illum Rooftop. Revolver. Nachos (for sharing/two) and a blueberry mojito at Café Norden, followed by a sweet dessert, cheesecake and the best Irish Coffee! Unfortunately no pictures from the event at ARCH where we ended the day.

Love is a four legged word

This is most likely the cutest little puppy I have ever met! It is such a beautiful breed and Bamse, which is his name, was adorable; cuddly, mischievous and absolutely wonderful. It was love at first sight. I wanted to bring him home but Eva, his owner, would not let me! However, I suppose I can understand why. It was really nice to see this one for the first time today, and I look forward to spending many summers with him in the house across the road out in the countryside. Obviously, it was very nice to meet Anders, Eva, Helena, Jade and Sam as well, these people belong to one of the sweetest families I know.

Bon appétit

This is what I had for dinner last night with my grandparents and my grandmother’s younger sister. For starters we had beets, chèvre/goat cheese, pine nuts and some honey. Yum! The main course consisted of fillet of beef, potatoes (Hasselbacks), chanterelle sauce and salad; my favourite dish and no one makes it better than granny! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams

I am completely and utterly in love with these two colours, and the fact that they go so well together! Besides, I occasionally put orange/Sienna coloured eye shadow on my lids to make my blue eyes pop! What do you think? Do you like these colours combined? What is your favourite colour, and why?

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Christmas breakfast in all its glory the other day. I was supposed to work 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. but felt ill and when I arrived at work I nearly fainted so I decided to return home. I had a shower before I went back to bed but it took a little while because I had zero energy. After sleeping a few more hours, this is what I had to drink and eat. However, it did not taste good at all. I really was (and still am) sick but one has got to eat something… A five-star experience in terms of Starbucks logos though. You cannot see all of the cups on the table here, but one is for a bouquet of flowers since I do not yet own a vase, and another one with all my cutlery.

I spent Christmas sick and solo, but I was prepared – at least for the solo part. I had bought some food but I had no appetite for a real meal. Luckily, I had some Gateau and Peter Beier treats and although I did not feel well, I tried to make it as cosy as possible with the small amount of energy that I managed to gather. I lit some candles and made the table a little more festive than usual.

This little Bukowski bear was a gift from my mother last week, to feel less lonely I think. Very sweet! I had also purchased some expensive champagne, Veuve Clicquot, because hopefully, I will only have to spend Christmas alone once in life! Between my extra strong painkillers I tried some of it. I felt like I had to, I mean, it was Christmas! The Lindt balls, however, I never touched and I still cannot do it. My stomach is very strange, I think it is a virus in there. What a wonderful venue for Christmas festivities… You tiny bastards!

So, my Christmas 2016 consisted primarily of sleep, painkillers and television, but also a little bit of chocolate pralines and saffron pastries that I basically forced myself to consume. I needed the energy. Apparently, my family have had the same symptoms as I lately so I guess I got it from them. I cannot tell you what it is because I do not know, but as I mentioned, probably a sneaky virus.

To feel less abandoned on the day, I had provided myself with an army of golden Lindt bears and I also brought out some soft toys hidden on a shelf. I wore them around my neck on my graduation day… Aside from being sick and solo on Christmas, it was okay. I do not mind being on my own and I certainly know how to enjoy my own company. I was a bit emotional, too, but I got over it. I was given some great presents that I will show you later, and I got several phone calls and texts. I am happy after all. I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas!

I’ve been an angel all year

My mum came by my flat today to leave some flowers and pressies! I was really surprised actually but of course, very grateful. She made me really happy! The truth is, she came by twice and the second time around to leave a bag of food! She is absolutely amazing, just like my best friend and her family who sent me Christmas gifts all the way from Stockholm! The amaryllis I got from my wonderful grandmother when she was visiting in mid-December. Thank you all so much!