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Bang & Olufsen

I have got a story for you! A year ago I went to buy this excellent Beoplay A2 speaker from Bang & Olufsen. It was rather pricey but I had saved up. Anyway, when I went to the store to get it, I could not find the tills. I did not buy it at B&O. I walked around in circles with the relatively big box under my arm and I got quite annoyed. At last, I found my way out. As I was about to pay, the cashier suggested that I should enter a competition before I left, and I thought, why not? So, I did. All I had to do was to answer a simple question and, in a few words describe what I liked about the company the most. Since I was still pretty irritated after running around, I wrote something like: “The best thing about you, is that you get your daily exercise here because it is such a big shop with a great range of products.” I won. I won my purchase! So, I did not have to pay for this portable Bluetooth speaker from B&O at all. Not a penny. Quite comical, huh? I guess I deserved it after that workout. Ha. Frankly, I was very happy when they phoned me the day after to tell me I was the winner. No hard feelings, no more!

So Good

I must share this although many of you probably have seen it already. Zara Larsson is just so good! PS, I accidentally wrote Zara Larsen at first. Ha! It actually sounds like Ellen is saying Larsen as well…


Adele: Live at Radio City Music Hall is airing on SVT1 right now. It is completely incomprehensible how anyone can have such a voice. That woman is beyond words… In addition to her impeccable singing and her divine stage presence, she manages to bring about feelings I never thought I had within me, in such a beautiful way. It is authentic and genuine throughout. Adele sings using her diaphragm but from the heart, and it goes right into another’s. Her lyrics are outstanding and her empathy with every little word – it is impossible not to get goosebumps all over the body and to lose one’s breath for a second or two. I am so close to tears now. Wow. I have got one word for you: perfection. Before I end this I must also emphasise her admirable personality; charm, wit and her priceless facial expressions! She is hilarious, absolutely lovely and she has got an amazing British accent! Moreover, I cannot think of another famous individual that appears to be as easy-going and friendly as her. I cannot compliment her enough. First-rate, ingenious, stunning… I could go on all night! No but seriously, there are not many who can stand almost completely still on a stage while simultaneously delivering world-class entertainment. Respect.

It ain’t my fault

This girl, where do I even start? In my opinion, she is truly superior in her industry. So talented. She has an incredible voice, she is really good at dancing and she possesses a fantastic attitude, charisma and self-esteem; feels comfortable in her skin and very mature despite her young age. Not only that, she is awfully good-looking! She has beautiful features, a great body and nice hair. Not to mention the fancy makeups and extremely stylish clothes! I could kill for this whole outfit, the sequin jumpsuit with the matching heels and the fabulous (faux?) fur jacket. Smashing!

I would not mind the jacket Zara is wearing at the beginning of this performance either, it is just so right! Zara Larsson really inspires on so many levels, but the thing that I like about her the most is her gumption. I love individuals with ambitions; people who work hard to achieve their goals. Besides, this young woman is humorous, smart and witty. If only I were half as brilliant as her… So cool!

Follow you, follow me

Absolutely love this!

Don’t be so shy

Mum texted me this morning and told me (in Swedish) which her favourite song at the moment is: “Don’t Be so Shy” – Imany. Turns out, it’s a really nice beat! I’ve been listening to it the whole day. Mother, I’m impressed!

It was only a word, it was almost misheard

My life has started to become very monotonous as Starbucks and I have begun to see each other more frequently. Who needs a man when you have good coffee, a pleasant environment and great music? The playlist at Starbucks today was really cosy and I could have stayed all night to listen. One song that I really liked and that I am playing right now is this one: “Wasn’t Expecting That” with Jamie Lawson. So chill.