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It’s complicated

Actually, it’s not. Actually, I am. I am complicated. I’m complicated in all the right ways. My highs are high and my lows are low. My deeps are thought and my thoughts are deep. I’m pretty special. I’m rather unique. But if you let me be my magic self, I am yours, for keeps.

All rights reserved

I think a lot. So, here’s a thought I thought I’d share with you. Just a thought that brings me comfort: you’re not wrong, you’re just not right.

Everyone can’t be the right one. Ultimately, there’s only one the one. I mean, just because you’re not right, doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Like my dad used to tell me, yet in a completely different context: ”This is not against you, Julia. This is for me”, meaning he didn’t do what he did to be mean to me. He simply did it for his own gain. Basically, I had nothing to do with it and it was all well meant.

At some point, you’ll be more than all right for someone, and when you think about it this way, it doesn’t hurt as much to be basically no one to what feels like everyone. One day, you’ll be just right for someone and it won’t matter that you weren’t all the other times.

Sometimes, people are willing to settle for anyone, anywhere. I believe it’s always better to settle for the one and only, even if that person oftentimes seems to be nowhere. I’m still searching for Mr (b)right. That’s right, he has to be a smart one!

I’m convinced everybody’s ”rights” are left somewhere. We just need to move forward and leave the thought of being wrong behind.

Ideas worth spreading

Another New Year’s resolution: one TED Talk a day – my hunger for knowledge takeaway to feed my mind. It is healthy to train all body parts – including the brain! I hit the gym a lot, it is time to hit the books just as much. Even though I do not really like to study, I like (love, actually) learning and being up to date. It is a great advantage to truly know things.

I read business articles daily. The truth is, I rarely play iPhone games; whenever I am on my phone for other than social purposes, it is usually for educational reasons. How about that?

Geniuses are made, not born. The willingness to learn is a choice. My biggest challange here, is to face the fact that there are lessons only failure can teach me. I need to gain experience from life and thus I must dare to live a little. Basically, I have to add just a tad of wild and crazy to my résumé. Are you with me?

The Land Before Time

Yesterday I watched Jurassic Park III. Tonight, I am going to watch Jurassic World. When I was a little kid I loved The Land Before Time, starring the cutest Littlefoot! I am, in fact, very fascinated by dinosaurs. I also find white sharks and the space super thrilling! I guess the common denominator has to do with power. Now, shower!

Survival of the fittest

December 31st, you elves, nutcrackers and snowmen! I suppose it is finally time to eat less, drink more and sparkle galore! However, I will not be doing much of that. I am bedridden and sick as per usual over the holidays. It is just my luck to get ill whenever I am off work for a longer period of time. Anyway, I am still capable of writing so here follows some traditional New Year’s resolutions, or whatever we should call it!

Next year I have to…

1. Create an exciting life. I am bored most of my time, mainly because I do not get to use my creativity as desired on a daily basis. My weeks has been utterly monotonous for too long. I must leap at excitement.

2. Continue my inner journey. I have learned A LOT about who I am during the last couple of months and it has been an adventure. It is so rewarding getting to know oneself. I am building up my confidence and self-esteem to the core which is an impeccable virtuous circle. Wow. I read articles and books, watch TED Talks and discuss with family and friends. I cannot wait to explore myself a whole lot more!

3. Stop chasing boys, start chasing men. Ha, just kidding. I am going to stop chasing all of them and start chasing merely my dreams. I realise those could involve a guy but no, if so I will try my best not to run after him because he is the one who should be running after me. I am a catch.

4. Take more risks. One cannot win if one do not even enter the game, right? I still have to overcome my fear of failure. I must defeat my way of thinking: “If I lose the highs at least I am spared the lows”. The real winners will always be the doers. It is all about action(s). Chop-chop!

Here is to new chances, same dreams and fresh starts! Next year, I want fireworks, butterflies, shooting stars and fairytales. May 2018 be magical!

A bit of madness is key

Good evening, here are a few things about me, myself and I!

  • Occasionally, I listen to British radio, primarily to hear the wonderful accent, but also to develop my listening comprehension. I also exploit Cambridge Dictionary (my very best friend), RhymeZone, Thesaurus and a verb conjugator as English skills resources. Of course, I make use of Google Translate as well, but you have to be critical to its translations – sentence structure hassle and American English! I often go to Google (the search engine) to look for sentences and check if they have occurred elsewhere; whether they are accurate or not. I principally visit top English newspapers such as The Sun, The Telegraph and The Times. Sometimes, I even have to use for several purposes. I think it is fun though, I would not do it if I did not care. I love languages, English in particular. In fact, it is important for me that my future husband is able to speak and write proper Swedish or English (or both).
  • I counted my Victoria’s Secret knickers the other week, the pile is getting high so I pretty much had to. I have over 50 pairs! Pounds are for panties, it goes without saying.
  • Me and my grandmother cannot stand people who cannot pronounce the Swedish words “egentligen” and “Schweiz”. Almost every other person in this country cannot say “egentligen” properly, and uttering “Schweiz” seems nearly impossible. Let me help the ones in need once and for all. If you say anything like “ejengklien” you are wrong and “Schweiz” is pronounced “Schweitz”. My pleasure!
  • I have family and friends in so many parts of the world now. Barcelona, Brussels, Fort Lauderdale (Florida, close to Miami), London, Los Angeles, Sydney… I need to pack my bag ASAP and travel to as many as possible!
  • I do not believe in any kind of God nor spirits (ghosts, whatever) and I find it hard to be around individuals who do not share the same view there (at least we should not talk about it). It is so clear to me that such things do not (and cannot) exist, so it kind of bothers me that others think otherwise. I have got one man for you: Richard Dawkins. Watch him on YouTube. He is the best.

I hope you liked this content!

For your information

  • I have never played Pokémon GO. I get the exercise and walk into bars anyway.
  • I would probably never buy a Michael Kors bag – at least not the one that everyone seems to have. It is just not my taste. It is something about the gold details that do not appeal to me. I am more of a silver kind of woman. The reason I bring this up is because I do not get why some items get so much attention. I mean no harm!
  • My surname, Larsen, is from my mum, which is pretty unusual. My dad’s last name is Ferm.
  • I thought the worst thing I knew was falsehood or violence, or something. After watching the film P.S. I Love You again about a week ago, it made me change my mind because what would be worse than losing someone you love?
  • I am very much damaged by (lovely) London. Every time I am about to go through the gates by the trains, I strongly believe that I need to touch out to open the gates and leave the station. That is so not the case in Stockholm. The gates here open automatically from the inside. I bet people look at me and think I am a complete moron!

Loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams

I am completely and utterly in love with these two colours, and the fact that they go so well together! Besides, I occasionally put orange/Sienna coloured eye shadow on my lids to make my blue eyes pop! What do you think? Do you like these colours combined? What is your favourite colour, and why?

Kärt barn har många namn

Håll i er! Det har blivit dags att offentliggöra vad jag kallar några av mina familjemedlemmar och givetvis är det allt annat än deras faktiska namn! Anledningen till att jag vill dela med mig är mest för att jag tycker det är ganska roligt och påhittigt. Avgör/bedöm själva!

Mamma Anna lyssnar mestadels till “Mamma Annagrynsgröt” och mormor Lena har länge fått stå ut med “Mormor Morfin”. Mina femåringar till tvillingbröder är mina “tillisar” som i sin tur är någon slags kombination av orden “tvillingar” och “killar”. Sedan går tvilling nummer ett, Gustav, under namnen “Gusteau”, “Güsti” och “Duddi” medan tvilling två, Erik, råkat ut för “Erique” (måste ju vara två fransmän), “Rickekricke” och av någon märklig anledning “Krickon”… Mina tillisar Gusteau och Erique kallas även för “boarnen” som Erik uttalade “barnen” en gång för några år sedan när han skulle härma mitt “Hejdå barnen!” – så gülligt!

Sedan har vi lillasyster Emma… När hon var mindre trodde hon nog att hon hette Elsa eller Ella eftersom både jag och mamma kallat henne det ganska mycket av någon anledning! Nu för tiden är det dock mest Empan, Emsa och Emsie. Detta är dock bara ett urval! Min äldsta lillasyster Bella har fått höra både Bell, Belle och Alleb – d.v.s. Bella baklänges! Svante, min äldsta lillebror, kom jag just på ett bra namn till: Svantomen! Förr har jag däremot ropat på Svanton, Plankton och Svarre!

Sist men inte minst (eller jo, rent åldersmässigt) har vi lillebror Charlie, Charlan, Chilirino… Borde kanske nämna att jag flera gånger har fått minst lika fina namn av andra. Vad sägs om Jullie (som alla mammas barn säger), Julle eller Jules? Det var de schyssta. Gelébulle, Jullan och Scholie är inte jag…

My body feels young but my mind is very old

Here are some things about me that other people often mention (so, I thought I’d mention them too):

  • I am often perceived as older than I actually am, both intellectually and physically – but not because of grey hairs nor wrinkles!
  • There is some kind of calmness about me. I don’t really know how to describe it. However, feel free to take me out on a date and see for yourself!
  • My voice is nice (so they say). I could be doing radio for a living! Well, it is sort of charming at times indeed but, occasionally I sound worse than a whale. To be honest, lately I’ve started to believe that something is wrong with my vocal cords. I (my throat) tend to get exhausted when I talk. Maybe I just don’t know how to talk properly… Perhaps I talk too much.
  • The length of my stride is long – I am told. I guess so! How else would I keep pace with Andy longlegs in London?
  • A few fellow beings think that I am taller than I am as well. What if… I am a tall woman caught in a short woman’s body? In fact, I thrive in high (yet comfortable) shoes and rarely wear flats. I’ve got four words for you: Nike Dunk Sky Hi.