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First day in Miami I went straight to this beautiful salon for both a mani and pedi. I went for a natural look, white/pink colour on my fingers and a light orange on my toes. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the nails in particular but I might be able to find a picture with my hands or feet in it. Ha! It was well worth the visit though. I mean, look at the amazing interior. It was such a calm atmosphere, a great place to relax. Besides, I am very fond of the name of the shop, “LUV” – inspired by self-love. So, I basically went there to give love to my body and myself. It is so important. Don’t ever forget to take care of yourself – because you’re worth it!

Mind over matter

I’d rather die, than diet. I wouldn’t feel much alive if I weren’t allowed to eat whatever, whenever. However, it’s important to find a balance. In fact, I eat a lot more than my body gives me credit for. I can easily overindulge in all the sweets seven days a week, without any major changes. It’s not magic. It’s called daily exercise. I stand up a lot. I walk a lot. I sweat my ass off at the gym. A. LOT. Even though I take occasional breaks from my workouts, I maintain my metabolism by being active in other ways – not every day – but regularly. Also, one triggers the other. When I’ve eaten lots of junk, I want to work out and I have the energy to do so. And when I do train, I also feel like it’s okay to eat whatever I want although training mostly makes me want to eat a whole lot of whole foods. Besides, it’s really all about calories. I don’t suggest you should count, but if you want to lose weight it’s always good to keep track, just don’t overdo it! After all, it’s all about being healthy, i.e. feeling well. That means you mustn’t play games with your mind, you have to treat yourself with kindness.

I’m a professional at feeling bad about myself when someone (anyone) hits the gym and I don’t. That’s nearly as self-destructive as it gets. It’s so bad and something I need to overcome badly. Note to self: don’t overdo, do overcome. Real health starts from the inside, train your brain and boost yourself with solely nutritional thoughts. I absolutely understand those who want to change their lifestyles and lose weight, I just urge you to do it right. Because honestly, I’m sure that, at some point, anyone who’s on a diet wants to be able to eat sugar again. Diets are temporary, aren’t they? Whenever I want to lose weight I don’t necessarily skip any foods, I just eat a little less unhealthy and push myself a little harder at the gym. No diets required. Diets just play mind games, which I very much mind. I’m fragile. I don’t want anyone else to tell me what to do, nor what not to do. Even less do I want a diet to tell me what and when to eat, and what and when not to eat. It is possible to lose weight without a diet. It has to do with the ratio of calorie burn and calorie intake. Just keep it at balance and there you go!

I’d rather die than diet, but of course I don’t recommend dying instead of dieting! I merely want us to know our reasons, to be familiar with what we’re doing to our bodies and why we’re doing it. Simultaneously, be familiar with what we’re doing to our brains and why we’re doing it. Here’s what I think, make sure your life is always worth living and live it the way that makes you truly happy. Never sacrifice your psyche. If your psyche is non-functional, nothing else works; everything about your body is managed from there. To be able to finish at the right place, you must start from the right place. The journey begins within. From the top, to be precise.

Mindset, go!