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Bangkok Day 4, Tuesday: A pretty girl aged 24

April 2nd. My birthday! Mum and I went to Health Land for massage. First Thai massage of my life. I loved and hated it. Ha! A very interesting experience.

Met up with Jennie and our grandmother at The Okura Prestige hotel around 2:00 PM for afternoon tea. My choice.

Theme of the season, Sakura Afternoon Tea, at Up and Above bar. They even had a whole cherry blossom tree up there!

I am not impressed with the service in general here in Thailand but this was super sweet! A complimentary chocolate cake for the birthday girl.

The view from the building was simply amazing.

I don’t even know how I got my hair to look like this. The humidity here is insane.

Before we went to this sky/rooftop bar, I got a few presents and lots of love from the family. We also ate some homemade cake with the kids. However, those pictures will remain private.

Titles of the day: Champagne Popper and Bar Hopper! Here at Escape Bangkok. Great vibes, fine drinks and cool tunes.

Every bar should have these napkins.

I really had a blast. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

One winter’s night, a snowman comes to life

“This Barbour Christmas, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman we’re celebrating the magic of believing, that maybe, just maybe, dreams will come true…”

Can I have this book to read for my future kids, please?

I also want one of these adorable Steiff snowmen made of cuddly soft plush – obviously for me. Seriously, look at his tangerine nose. I want him. The Snowman.

Survival of the fittest

December 31st, you elves, nutcrackers and snowmen! I suppose it is finally time to eat less, drink more and sparkle galore! However, I will not be doing much of that. I am bedridden and sick as per usual over the holidays. It is just my luck to get ill whenever I am off work for a longer period of time. Anyway, I am still capable of writing so here follows some traditional New Year’s resolutions, or whatever we should call it!

Next year I have to…

1. Create an exciting life. I am bored most of my time, mainly because I do not get to use my creativity as desired on a daily basis. My weeks has been utterly monotonous for too long. I must leap at excitement.

2. Continue my inner journey. I have learned A LOT about who I am during the last couple of months and it has been an adventure. It is so rewarding getting to know oneself. I am building up my confidence and self-esteem to the core which is an impeccable virtuous circle. Wow. I read articles and books, watch TED Talks and discuss with family and friends. I cannot wait to explore myself a whole lot more!

3. Stop chasing boys, start chasing men. Ha, just kidding. I am going to stop chasing all of them and start chasing merely my dreams. I realise those could involve a guy but no, if so I will try my best not to run after him because he is the one who should be running after me. I am a catch.

4. Take more risks. One cannot win if one do not even enter the game, right? I still have to overcome my fear of failure. I must defeat my way of thinking: “If I lose the highs at least I am spared the lows”. The real winners will always be the doers. It is all about action(s). Chop-chop!

Here is to new chances, same dreams and fresh starts! Next year, I want fireworks, butterflies, shooting stars and fairytales. May 2018 be magical!

Warm hugs

Today was magical, Stockholm.


About a week ago, an old pair of Shepherd (of Sweden) sheepskin slippers crossed my mind. My mum gave them to me many years ago and I have not seen them since. I sent her a text to ask if she knew where they were. One minute later I got the reply: “At my place, in the closet. Do you want them back?” She is funny. Of course I want them back, winter is coming and I am in great need of all things furry in order to stay alive!

These marvellous pictures are from Newport. It was love at first sight with every single one of the items. I am dreaming of a Christmas spent in a snow-covered chalet in Switzerland but I will be in Stockholm this year. However, I thought that I can bring the après-ski vibes to me! I have visited my family’s Swiss cottage a couple of times before. I can ensure you that it is just as dreamy as it seems in the magazines! The atmosphere up in the Alps/mountains and the typical interior is truly delightful.

My mother asked me yesterday what I want for Christmas… Here you go, Ma! Imagine the cosiness with those mink Aspen slippers (one cannot have too many), the polar bear or the wolf Whistler cushion and blanket/throw. Besides, the fur is faux but looks super authentic! Oh, and how stunning is this ‘julstjärna’ as we say in Sweden? My flat would certainly get a brilliant Christmas ambience with these impeccable design details!

Bring merry back

Christmas comes but once a year. My true festive spirit will go live at the end of this month. I can’t wait to start listening to Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies and decorating the flat, not forgetting the over-indulgence in saffron. Yum! However, it’s not too early to start watching all the new Christmas adverts! John Lewis’ was released two days ago we all know that’s the starting point for Christmas countdown. Moz The Monster was OK. The soundtrack on the other hand was really good, go have a listen at ‘Golden Slumbers’ by Elbow on Spotify!

M&S’s ad was OK, too. A bit more Christmassy and starring the perfect character – the Paddington bear. Yet, no favourite. I want more! In fact, I am excited to direct my own short films. I already have a good one in mind based on a true story. It is contemporary, emotional and a bit of an eye-opener. Besides, if I get to work with a talented musician on this project, it will be splendid in all its simplicity. Stay tuned!

My fave so far this year is Debenhams’. I fancy up-to-date love stories and I wouldn’t mind a fairytale Xmas like this. Also, I’m the queen of wishful thinking…

If the crown fits, wear it

My little sister Emma’s 9th birthday is coming up! In fact, my little brother’s 10th as well – at the very same day. However, they do not share the same parents. Anyway, my mother asked me yesterday what we should get Em, and here are some of my suggestions: Thomas Sabo charms, SUNNYLIFE floats, pink Ray-Ban and Under Armour sports clothing. She is a ‘Little Miss Princess’, a character of a kind with the kindest heart, yet with a lot of attitude; she knows what she wants and I love it (she is just like me that way). Besides, she is a busy little girl and my mother and I call her a fashionista. Emma rarely has time for nothing but her friends, and she always dresses in nice apparel. It does not really matter what she is wearing – she is beautiful inside and out and she is one of those people who looks good in everything. I wish I was as photogenic as her! Apart from that, Emma and I have a lot in common (for instance, we are both regular globetrotters), we often like and want the same things and we certainly look up to each other. Of course, she deserves only the best on her birthday – and always (the same goes for all of my siblings)!


Just a few images from last year’s birthday celebration(s) in London that lasted for about three days! Friday: 155 metres up, the spectacular Sky Garden and pre-birthday drinks. Saturday: April 2nd and my 21st birthday, lunch with friends and a delicious homemade Swedish sticky cake. Sunday: unfortunately no pictures from the lovely afternoon tea at a new hotel nearby the O2 – with a fantastic view over to Canary Wharf and its skyscrapers!

A time for giving, a time for getting

I didn’t ask for anything this year, didn’t write no Christmas wish list. As you get older it’s so much easier to get yourself what you want, whenever you want. I mean, once you get old enough to decide for yourself and when you start to earn your own money – you’re much more flexible and free. You don’t need anyone’s approval and it doesn’t take as long to save money with an income. I bet you get my point.

I think this is actually the first year I haven’t done a Christmas wish list in a very long time. There’s always something that you want but never have the courage to buy on your own; this Voluspa candle, for instance, that my siblings gave me. I love their range of products but I would rather spend my money on a piece of clothing if I had to choose – which is often the case. You have your funds, but it’s not an endless amount. Hence, you have to prioritise.

I also got this plain white top from Ralph Lauren. Thank you mum!

From my best friend’s parents: a Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet! This is something that I probably would never even think of buying for myself, but I definitely don’t mind having it and wearing it. Such a great gift! Many, many thanks!

More from my mother. I didn’t expect her to get me anything since she’s been extremely generous and helpful lately so this is just over the top. Nevertheless, I’ll gladly put this green Odd Molly towel among my other towels from Lexington and Missoni! I feel so spoiled!

This is the best thing that ever happened to my skin, at least the cleanser, barrier repair and serum concentrate. Dermalogica’s product system UltraCalming has really saved my sensitive skin. I already have these (not the mist) in bigger sizes, but eventually they will run out and in the meantime this kit will be great for travelling! You’re just too kind, mum!

Last but not least, this brilliant gift box from Rituals. My best friend Kajsa knows me well! Cheers!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Christmas breakfast in all its glory the other day. I was supposed to work 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. but felt ill and when I arrived at work I nearly fainted so I decided to return home. I had a shower before I went back to bed but it took a little while because I had zero energy. After sleeping a few more hours, this is what I had to drink and eat. However, it did not taste good at all. I really was (and still am) sick but one has got to eat something… A five-star experience in terms of Starbucks logos though. You cannot see all of the cups on the table here, but one is for a bouquet of flowers since I do not yet own a vase, and another one with all my cutlery.

I spent Christmas sick and solo, but I was prepared – at least for the solo part. I had bought some food but I had no appetite for a real meal. Luckily, I had some Gateau and Peter Beier treats and although I did not feel well, I tried to make it as cosy as possible with the small amount of energy that I managed to gather. I lit some candles and made the table a little more festive than usual.

This little Bukowski bear was a gift from my mother last week, to feel less lonely I think. Very sweet! I had also purchased some expensive champagne, Veuve Clicquot, because hopefully, I will only have to spend Christmas alone once in life! Between my extra strong painkillers I tried some of it. I felt like I had to, I mean, it was Christmas! The Lindt balls, however, I never touched and I still cannot do it. My stomach is very strange, I think it is a virus in there. What a wonderful venue for Christmas festivities… You tiny bastards!

So, my Christmas 2016 consisted primarily of sleep, painkillers and television, but also a little bit of chocolate pralines and saffron pastries that I basically forced myself to consume. I needed the energy. Apparently, my family have had the same symptoms as I lately so I guess I got it from them. I cannot tell you what it is because I do not know, but as I mentioned, probably a sneaky virus.

To feel less abandoned on the day, I had provided myself with an army of golden Lindt bears and I also brought out some soft toys hidden on a shelf. I wore them around my neck on my graduation day… Aside from being sick and solo on Christmas, it was okay. I do not mind being on my own and I certainly know how to enjoy my own company. I was a bit emotional, too, but I got over it. I was given some great presents that I will show you later, and I got several phone calls and texts. I am happy after all. I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas!