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Made in Italy

Yet another runway look that I fell in love with! I even liked the description of the skirt: “The Spring-Summer 2017 is a journey towards an imaginary Italian Tropic, where the icons traditionally associated with Italy, like bread, pasta and good luck charms are merged with a holiday atmosphere, punctuated by cocktails, ice cream and sequins.” That is D&G for you!

Louis XI

Oh my, oh my, oh my! These over-the-knee boots are everything! They look so well-made and the embroidery is gorgeous! I have been looking for a pair of o-t-k boots for a long time now and I refuse to buy cheap ones – fit and quality is vital. If I had the money I would not hesitate a second to buy these boots. Christian Louboutin, I do not even know what to write. Wow. Just wow.

Life is too short to wear mediocre lingerie

“I want to dance around in your flat in a satin kimono, make fluffy American pancakes and kiss you umpteen times a day!”

ARKK Copenhagen

My Danish neighbours really do know design: architecture, interior design, fashion design… They never disappoint. Here is a newly discovered brand that I found on Instagram today – ARKK Copenhagen. The clean and simple sneaker design with its unique details very much appeal to me. Well done you, Danes! I am proud to have a Danish surname and I will definitely put this post in the Larsen Loves category!

Lily & Rose

I want all of these splendid pieces of jewellery from Lily & Rose, especially some of the earrings or the bracelets. Oh, and my birthday is just around the corner!

No elegant woman follows fashion slavishly.

I have got some fashion confessions for you!

  • I am a Swedish sucker for suede. Suede boots, suede jackets (in love with my very own orange one from AllSaints), suede trousers – you name it. I would wear suede over any sort of skin any day. Yet, of course I like to vary.
  • The Chloé ballerinas above are to die for. The ultimate summer flats!
  • I think embroidery is such a nice detail, especially floral.
  • My favourite high-end fashion house is Balmain (Paris). They make such great, outstanding and well-made pieces of clothing. Just my style!
  • I am obsessed with the Vogue Runway app. Sophie, my stylist in London introduced it to me. Wow.

Now, I am going to Bedfordshire!


Copenhagen February 2nd with my dear friend Claudia. London Fog and a croissant for me at Original Coffee/Illum Rooftop. Revolver. Nachos (for sharing/two) and a blueberry mojito at Café Norden, followed by a sweet dessert, cheesecake and the best Irish Coffee! Unfortunately no pictures from the event at ARCH where we ended the day.

Le Pliage Néo.

My current everyday tote bag from Longchamp. It is so stylish. Black, lightweight and spacious. My ideal companion!

Good times and tan lines.

Triangl. Dior. Birkenstock. The perfect summer items! I cannot wait to order at least one of each!

Designer favourites.

Dior. Louis Vuitton. Stella McCartney. My accessory must-haves of 2017!