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Bon appétit!

This is what I had for dinner last night with my grandparents and my grandmother’s younger sister. For starters we had beets, chèvre/goat cheese, pine nuts and some honey. Yum! The main course consisted of fillet of beef, potatoes (Hasselbacks), chanterelle sauce and salad; my favourite dish and no one makes it better than granny! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!


Yesterday I had my first sushi in years! I used to love it, then I ate it too often and that, in turn, resulted in not eating it at all. I felt like a sushi rookie but I could still handle the chopsticks quite well. Me and one of my dad’s sisters went to Sushi Yama in the city nearby Hötorget/Haymarket. It was delicious!

After the lunch we walked through Gamla Stan/The Old City and over to Södermalm (no good translation for that but the south part of the city). In Gamla Stan we went into a book shop where I bought one of my favourite card games FLUXX in a new edition called Nature. I cannot wait to play it!

My aunt and I went to a café in Södermalm for a quick coffee break before she had a job interview, and we talked a lot about blog related things. She has teached me basically everything I know about WordPress, SEO and Google Analytics. She also showed my this brand new book that she had recently bought and I think I will have to get one too!

Eventually we parted ways and I catched a train back to my grandparents (where I stay during my visit) for a dinner so good that it deserves a blog post of its own!


Vi kör ett inlägg på svenska! Kom just hem från stan efter att ha strosat runt en hel del till på både gamla och nya gator, d.v.s. både vägar jag vandrat förut, men även smågator jag aldrig tidigare utforskat. Älskar att turista i min egen stad! Idag hängde jag mest i Gamla Stan och på Östermalm, men fikade som sagt även på Mellqvist Kaffebar i Vasastan i förmiddags. Allt detta promenerande fram och tillbaka, kors och tvärs och hit och dit, har resulterat i att mina ben burit mig drygt två mil idag och nästan 27 000 steg! Nu har jag inte gymmat sedan helgen (fredag-söndag) men nog förbränner jag kalorier så det heter duga! Mina ben är helt möra nu. En snabbdusch och sedan sängen känns som en bra plan!

Today is a hot chocolate kind of day.

I started the day with an appointment at Rapide in the MOOD mall here in Stockholm. I have been doing my brows and lashes there for a while now and I am very pleased with the services. However, last time (a couple of months ago) was a disaster (new employee) so this time I did not have to pay. The result today was/is impeccable; great shaped/threaded brows and my lashes are now visible again thanks to greyish dark brown colour/dye! It feels so nice, a big improvement to your face when you have all the light colours; eyes, hair, skin…

Afterwards I walked to another part of the city to visit Mellqvist Kaffebar (coffee bar). I had hot chocolate and a bun. It was so tasty! I also saw Anders Timell who walked past. Ha!

I headed home again around lunchtime to freshen up a little and then my grandmother gave me a ride to the ER at Kungliga Karolinska. She works there and I wanted to go back into the city. I was strolling a while, again, before I ended up at this cosy little café in Gamla Stan named Café Schweizer. I just had another cup of hot chocolate here, and a cheesecake; indulgence deluxe today! I have been walking a lot today as well so I definitely think I am worth it. Also, remember that this is my winter break I never had last year over the holidays!

Because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at.

I went into town around 10 this morning and after a long stroll/day (nearly 16,000 thousand steps today) I took the train to see my one of my aunts, her kids/my cousins and their beautiful and wild Siberian cats, Jon Snow and Yoda! Later on we (cats excluded) had dinner at my grandfather’s house where lasagne was on the menu! It was so good. By the way, a guy at NK (department store) that applied Mac eye shadow on my eyelids today, said that I have cat eyes… I will take that as a compliment considering that cat eyes are very pretty, I mean, just have a look above!

It’s a wrap!

Today I went to have a coffee break at a classic Swedish café, bakery and patisserie on Karlavägen in Stockholm. The name of the place is Tössebageriet and I have wanted to try their well-known “semmelwrap” for quite some time now. I finally got the chance! It was delicious but very filling – I could easily have shared one. Yet, you have to try it!

Stockholm Quality Outlet.

Acne, Björn Borg and Calvin Klein are just three out of many stores that I visited today at Stockholm Quality Outlet in Barkarby! I have not been there in a while so it was nice to see the newly built part of the village with lots of new brands/shops. It was really cosy to do evening shopping actually, not too busy and jolly with the Christmas/winter lights. Normally, I am a morning shopper because I hate it when it is too crowded, but since the outlet is a bit out-of-town I suppose weekdays are okay in that way. I will show you what I bought in my next blog post!

Honey, I’m home!

Current location: Stockholm! I booked this trip in early December and I got it cheaper than ever before with SJ. Fantastic! I am so happy to be back in my hometown even though it is very cold up here in the north! Right now I am going to do some laundry before I do all the fun things. Have a good one!


Good evening from the ill one, a.k.a. me! I have been sick for over a week since the Christmas holidays and when I finally started to feel better, I got sick again. This time, even worse than the first round. However, I will spare you the nasty details! I have got abdominal pains and fever – these are the friendlier symptoms… I have received medical treatment today and I really hope to get better soon! I rarely get sick but when I do, it usually takes some time to recover; having a strong immune response to one illness often have a payback – being less robust in the face of another infection. Although my energy is very low right now, I am going to try to cook dinner because I need to swallow the medicine with food. I managed to drink ProViva earlier and I also ate some fresh blueberries. Probiotics and antioxidants, make Julia great again!


I made myself some New Year’s treats the other day. I am a passionate mango-lover but kiwis are not so bad either! Yum!