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Travellers wake up in new cities

Hello from Stockholm! I arrived yesterday and it is so good to be back with family and friends in the city where I grew up. I am staying with my grandparents and last night after dinner we went to see one of my aunts, some of my cousins and their lovely Siberian cats, Jon Snow & Yoda. This evening my grandfather’s wife and I had some coffee and tea in front of the TV (my grandfather was on a business meeting). We also shared some sweets that I got for free at the MOOD Galleria earlier today. It has been a great Tuesday with sunshine and a lot of strolling. However, I started the day at the police because I had to renew my passport and ID card. Ugh. I do not like doing that. It costs and the image never even gets okay. Oh well, the third picture had to do. Anyway, if you want to see some more photographs from my day(s) please follow my public account on Instagram: @jubileejulia. Have a good one!

Good day

It is Thursday and it is laundry day! I do not mind doing laundry at all; I like my clothes clean and fresh, neatly folded in the drawers, i.e. not thrown on the floor. I am almost done by now, I just started the last machine a few minutes ago. Currently, I am in my flat waiting for the water on the stove to boil so that I can make some tea. Yum! Later on, I am going to hoover and make my place great again. Ha. I look forward to make myself decent, too. I always want to shower after washing my clothes, it is always dusty and warm down there… TEA DONE! I should probably listen to BBC Radio 1 as well to feel like a proper Briton. Have a good one!

Today is a gift

That is why it is called the present. Ha! I woke up this morning with such a nice feeling. I have been working a lot lately, and sleeping a lot less. Today, I got to sleep in and it was wonderful. I had the best night’s sleep in a very long time and I think I know why: I left my window slightly open for the first time in a freezing month or two. Wow. I love to sleep with the window open just a bit because of the cool fresh air and the soothing urban soundscape of the city. Marvellous! However, this city (Malmö) is certainly not comparable with my London. No red double-deckers, no Britons and thus – no British. I have to use Spotify for this when in Sweden. While normal people would like play relaxing sounds of nature, such as morning birds or dripping rain, when they go to bed – I prefer The Underground and the Buses, A Pub in Shoreditch and The Changing of the Guard, Whitehall… Yes, I found an album named The Sounds of London. Nevertheless, we do have blackbirds in Sweden and I think their accent is just fine.

Wednesday, March 1st

Hello March, I have big plans for you! This month I will take on an exciting project, starting tomorrow. The undertaking will last for three weeks to begin with, but it may be extended. I am very excited, but it will be challenging as well. However, I am certain that I will be able to accomplish the task. I bet you are curious as to what I am going to do. The truth is, I cannot tell you – yet. I have a “work hard in silence” mentality. Consequently, I will let the success make noise… If you have not noticed until the end of March, I promise to disclose all the details. Watch this space.

Sweet guys are an endangered species

This, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that blogging pays off! Ha! I received this package by post yesterday. It was utterly unexpected because there were no heads-up and frankly, I do not know the sender particularly well. I was sincerely surprised, thrilled and of course – grateful. I mean, these things only happen in the movies nowadays… I even got a cute little card/message, but it does not feel fair to expose that. Sorry! Tomorrow I will go and buy some tea filters so that I can taste this Bouquet of Flowers. In the meantime, I will just sit here and look at the Kusmi Tea metal tin because it is just so beautiful!

I’m a business woman in town on business

Perks of spending one hour of Valentine’s Day at Sony Mobile Communications in Lund. I am back here doing what I love to do and doing what I do best – contribute with my creative thinking! It feels a bit weird that mum is not my host here anymore but I like being in the Glasgow Building anyway; surrounded by business men and all… Speaking of mother, I am now off to meet her for lunch by her new workplace, the IKEA office. I may not have a Valentine but I sure have a Galentine and I love her from the bottom of my heart. PS, regarding the headline, if you do not know what I am referring to we are clearly not friends!


Copenhagen February 2nd with my dear friend Claudia. London Fog and a croissant for me at Original Coffee/Illum Rooftop. Revolver. Nachos (for sharing/two) and a blueberry mojito at Café Norden, followed by a sweet dessert, cheesecake and the best Irish Coffee! Unfortunately no pictures from the event at ARCH where we ended the day.


Good day! I am sitting in front of my laptop wrapped in a blanket and listening to some relaxing music. Also, I just had a cup of coffee after totally failing a smoothie. Dear fellow beings, “Less is more” and “Too good to be true” are risky to underestimate! I foolishly thought that I would make a delicious morning drink by mixing all of my favourite ingredients: Alpro Soya Vanilla, ginger, Innocent apple juice and elderflower, and mango (alphabetical order). I was completely and utterly w-r-o-n-g. Yuck! I should have known better. I am a person who usually prefer eating foods separately. For instance, instead of eating a brownie topped off with pieces of fruit, I would much rather eat the brownie or the fruit without the other. So, if you want us to run smoothly, then please do not bring me chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Champagne, on the other hand…

Yesterday at work, I helped a customer who were about to buy some oysters. The wife came along and said: “But we are out of champagne” to him, before she turned to me and continued: “I think you have to pair champagne with oysters”. My quick reply: “Well, I think you have to pair champagne with most things”. Mrs Customer: “Perhaps not for breakfast served with yogurt”. Moi: “I really do not mind champagne breakfasts”. She: “True, it is better to skip the yogurt”. It was such a great conversation!

Today is going to be a day spent lounging within the 19 square metres of mine. However, it is a beautiful day and I will probably pop out for another hot beverage, too. It may be sunny outdoors, but the temperature stubbornly remains freezing. I intend to go for a stroll in the city and holding a hot cup is a surefire way to warm up cold hands.

This morning, I chose my Starbucks mug that I got from my mum a couple of months ago, because I long away from Sweden. My mother and especially my siblings worship Dubai, and I guess, as do I, although I have never been there – yet. I have seen a lot of outstanding photographs from their holidays, but I truly believe that some experiences simply do not translate and that you have to go to know. But for now, I am stuck with the snow. Have a nice day!


Lazy Sunday all day except for a little trip to Söder and an evening stroll in cosy Hammarby Sjöstad. So chill!

Love is a four legged word

This is most likely the cutest little puppy I have ever met! It is such a beautiful breed and Bamse, which is his name, was adorable; cuddly, mischievous and absolutely wonderful. It was love at first sight. I wanted to bring him home but Eva, his owner, would not let me! However, I suppose I can understand why. It was really nice to see this one for the first time today, and I look forward to spending many summers with him in the house across the road out in the countryside. Obviously, it was very nice to meet Anders, Eva, Helena, Jade and Sam as well, these people belong to one of the sweetest families I know.