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You are gold

My mind, my mind, my restless business mind…


I wasn’t born at IKEA, but I can almost say that I grew up inside those yellow and blue walls. Both of my parents worked there when they met, and during the early years of my childhood. At times, my dad was at the flagship store in Kungens Kurva, Stockholm, and my mum mainly at the office in another store. I used to come along and hang out with her lovely colleagues and I especially remember one who used to buy me ice cream!

I have long been inspired by great entrepreneurs; Ingvar Kamprad and Steve Jobs have always been particularly interesting. At upper secondary school, my last major essay was about these two. I chose to compare two multinational companies in two completely different industries. I looked into terms such as business concept, leadership and product. What fascinates me the most is the fact that these individuals failed many times but still managed to do great deeds. They share a story of hard work, passion and multiple obstacles. I suppose that’s what makes people go down in history. Fail, fail again, fail until you don’t. And of course, have a vision. Ambition.

Mama and papa met Ingvar. I never did although he’s been on my bucket list. He will be missed.

Sweden, and the rest of the world, yesterday we lost one of the greatest minds of our time but let’s carry out the task for him, and for us, by never ever letting creativity die. Kamprad didn’t think outside the box, he thought inside the flat-pack. The last sentence makes me realise even more how brilliant he actually was. Dare to think differently and the game of innovation will be in the bag.

Ideas worth spreading

Another New Year’s resolution: one TED Talk a day – my hunger for knowledge takeaway to feed my mind. It is healthy to train all body parts – including the brain! I hit the gym a lot, it is time to hit the books just as much. Even though I do not really like to study, I like (love, actually) learning and being up to date. It is a great advantage to truly know things.

Forbes is another decent source of intellect. I already read articles daily. The truth is, I rarely play iPhone games; whenever I am on my phone for other than social purposes, it is usually for educational reasons. How about that?

Geniuses are made, not born. The willingness to learn is a choice. My biggest challange here, is to face the fact that there are lessons only failure can teach me. I need to gain experience from life and thus I must dare to live a little. Basically, I have to add just a tad of wild and crazy to my résumé. Are you with me?


Although Christian is not one of my favourite names, there are undoubtedly some great men with the name: Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin and last but not least, Christian Lacroix (just to name a few)! There is a reason why I took French in school – I like Frenchmen and even more, French fashion designers! I got hold of this stunner from Christian Lacroix Papier (obviously) today at Illums Bolighus and it was half-price – a real bargain! This is exactly what I have been looking for, a nice notebook with blank pages so that I can jot down any ideas concerning my fashion start-up, Jubilee Line! Initially, I was looking for a more fashion-inspired book but since I could not find one, this was the second best option with the colourful cover and the edge gilding in silver. I love it!

Brain baby, brain.

Why do I always get the most brilliant ideas in the most uninspiring places? The concept of my business/fashion start-up, Jubilee Line, came to me during an extremely tedious bus ride from Heathrow to Exeter two years ago. Today, when I was having a shower, I came up with a great idea for a PlayStation game that I would love to pitch for video game developers! In fact, it is too solid to reveal here! It seems that where I am the most uninspired, I automatically become inspired to think beyond the bore. I am a creative soul, no doubt about it. Even though I am mainly into design, I am bursting with ideas in various fields and I cannot wait to put them into action and make them a reality – in one way or another. I have long said that I will do a female version of Steve Jobs and in a completely different industry. I strongly believe that I am getting there!

Half of her beauty is her brain.

I just wanted to share with everyone that I have the best Saturday/Sunday, although you will think I am crazy when I tell know what I am up to. Wait for it… I am in bed, with a blanket and my iPhone. Solo. No film. No music. I just lie here in silence (except from the lovely rain against the windows) and think, which is probably my greatest weakness, but also my greatest asset. I think way too much and I tend to overthink, but I also have a very creative mind – especially when I am bored and even when I sleep. I came up with my business idea on a long and boring bus trip in England two years ago, and in the last two weeks, I have had two dreams about new fashion items that I have not seen before and that I absolutely believe in. My brain is pretty amazing when I think about it! I am so glad that I was able to remember what it was, both times, when I woke up. Anyway, the reason I prefer quiet more often nowadays is because of my old job where there were always some kind of noise in the background. All I really wanted when I finally got home was to be able to hear my own thoughts and here I am now, listening, hearing and loving it.

I don’t love fashion – I love design.

Rubriken stämmer otroligt bra och det är väl inte särskilt konstigt egentligen eftersom jag citerat mig själv. Precis på det viset är det är för mig: “Jag älskar inte mode – jag älskar design.” Jag tycker uppenbarligen om kläder men är inte särskilt intresserad av mode (läs: trender) på det sättet. Det som tilltalar mig är design; någon/några som har tänkt till, kreationer som är välgjorda med smakfulla material av hög kvalité. Detta gäller inte bara kläder utan egentligen allt som går att skapa och kanske inredningsenheter främst.

Confidence in textiles.

Ligger här på sängen med datorn på magen och läser om olika typer av certifikat. Försöker hitta en bra fabrik åt Jubilee Line men det är inte helt lätt när det finns en djungel av tillverkare och desto färre innehavare av önskade certifikat. Helst vill jag hitta en fabrikant inom Europa med certifikat som OEKO-TEX, GOTS, Fairtrade, m.m. Det är riktigt svårt att hitta en leverantör med dem alla och jag försöker nu ta reda på mer om de olika varianterna. Utöver det undersöker jag även olika material/tyger och har faktiskt lyckats hitta ett företag med diverse miljömärkningar, priser och andra utmärkelser. Jag vill tveklöst producera kläder med deras fibrer men det gäller också att hitta en lämplig produktionsanläggning som köper in dessa och som i sin tur besitter egna certifikat. Utöver det vill (kräver) jag att de tillämpar goda arbetsvillkor och att de har någon form av uppförandekod, Code of Conduct, som främjar etiska och moraliska handlingar. Naturligtvis vill jag inte lägga en order hos en fabrik där det förekommer barnarbete eller där personalen utnyttjas; arbetar övertid för slavlöner under taskiga arbetsförhållanden på farliga och smutsiga arbetsplatser. Jag har kommit i kontakt med en del tillverkningsföretag men det är besvärligt att hitta något ultimat alternativ, antingen besitter de inte efterfrågade certifikat, eller så har de en hög MOQ, Minimum Order Quantity. Jag kommer alltså inte att massproducera mina plagg eftersom det är en del av affärsidén. Ska berätta mer om den vid ett senare tillfälle men Jubilee Line är i alla fall ytterst genomtänkt. Det är fruktansvärt kul att hålla på med det här även om det är tidskrävande, men jag lär mig nya saker hela tiden! Lyocell, Modal och Viscose hade inte fått mig att associera till textiler för bara en vecka sedan…

Soon to be launched.

Hey guys! Hundra år sen jag skrev här nu… Tänkte i alla fall berätta att min affärsidé som jag började jobba med i England i höstas nu är i full gång med att sjösättas. Ska bli så himla kul! Vill inte berätta exakt vad konceptet är än men jag kan säga att det har med design/kläder/mode att göra. Håll ögonen öppna! Jubilee Line är på väg att etableras som något helt annat än bara en tunnelbanelinje i London Underground!

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