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Touchdown Fort Lauderdale

It’s no ordinary day because me and my cousin just landed in the U, S and A! The flight was quite long with ten hours to kill but we did quite all right. Two movies, some sleep and a little chatting. Right now, we’re at our first Hilton hotel for this trip. My cousin, Jennie, works at Hilton in Stockholm and she arranged this for us. Cousins with benefits. Ha!

This is my first time in the States, it feels so unreal to finally be here. The heat and the palm trees, and all the American flags… Wow. I haven’t been abroad since 2007 (except from London). I am so excited!

I should be dead tired whilst writing this, it’s 10:18 PM here in Florida and it’s 4:18 AM in Sweden but we’re doing fine actually. West is best, apparently! I thought it would be worse. I guess we could sleep if we tried to but we’re making an effort to manage the jet lag.

Now, American pancakes!

We’re going to Miami

About two weeks ago I received a message on Snapchat from my cousin; she asked me if I wanted to go with her to Florida in mid-September. The answer was: ”YEAH”! Hence, in four days I’m leaving for Stockholm and in five days me and Jennie will be boarding a flight to Fort Lauderdale! I have never been in the States before so I am super excited. Jennie used to work and live there so I’m basically going there with a tour guide which is perfect. I cannot wait! I haven’t been abroad to palm trees since 2007 so I think I’m worth it. Although the everyday weather down there right now seems to be ”thundery showers and a gentle breeze” I think I’ll manage to get a tan as we’re staying there for TWO weeks and the UV is still very high.

The last couple of days in between work, the only thing I’ve been doing is planning our trip; watching Youtube vlogs from Miami and following lots of new local bars, cafés and restaurants on Instagram. Make sure to follow my public Instagram account @jubileejulia for updates! I will try to update here as well though so stay tuned!


Just a few images from last year’s birthday celebration(s) in London that lasted for about three days! Friday: 155 metres up, the spectacular Sky Garden and pre-birthday drinks. Saturday: April 2nd and my 21st birthday, lunch with friends and a delicious homemade Swedish sticky cake. Sunday: unfortunately no pictures from the lovely afternoon tea at a new hotel nearby the O2 – with a fantastic view over to Canary Wharf and its skyscrapers!

Where I want to be

I may not always be in London, but London is always in me!

In love with a city

In this post I am going to reveal my true feelings about my London, but first I am going to let you know what I am up to right now, and the next few days. At the moment, I am in my flat listening to BBC Radio 1 which I must admit is severely addictive; once I have tuned in, it is nearly impossible to disconnect. Ha. I guess the combination of contemporary music, lovely British hosts and up-to-date news is what makes it hard to leave. Besides, it is the ideal mate when you are alone.

I am a person who knows exactly how to enjoy my own company. I had to learn it, the hard way. Today, I frequently choose being in my flat all by myself because it takes a lot of energy to make appearances. I easily get distressed by the expectations of others. However, those are surely just my own nowadays, yet as a result of others’ back in the days… I feel that I have so much to prove, so much to live up to and so much to be, that I may not have within me. Presumably one of the reasons that I find it easier to spend time with my elders – they are not as superficial. Anyway, I do not mind being solo. It is quite another thing to be/feel lonely – which is not really my case.

This weekend I have a dear friend flying in from Canary Wharf/London! I will see her on Sunday and I cannot wait. The last time I saw her was in September last year. I am sure she will bring a little bit of spring to our country. She is a ray of sunshine!

Ever since 2010 I have been visiting London and my friends there regularly. It has been a retreat, an escape from reality in a way and thus I associate London with sheer bliss. I always feel welcome and my worries are, without exception, left in Sweden; they certainly do not fit in my suitcase as I am travelling light, which is crucial when you are into London shopping!

I have my parents and siblings in southern Sweden. The rest of my relatives live in Stockholm. My friends are all over the world. In London, I left my heart. It was love at first sight. The diverse and friendly people, splendid architecture and a delightful overall atmosphere. Whenever I am not in London, I try to manipulate my senses in order to feel as much London as possible, simply, to feel good. BBC Radio 1 is obviously one of the tricks. Molton Brown Dewy Lily of the Valley and Star Anise Body Lotion is another; a scent that I purchased in London and used there for the first time. Accordingly, I think it smells London. Movies, tea, Thomas Sabo Charms – you name it. I even take every opportunity to speak English. I may have been born and raised in Stockholm but just as you can be born in the wrong body, I was born in the wrong city!

Bridget Jones’s Baby.

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I love watching films in London, no subtitles! Bridget Jones’s Baby was great, lots of laughs and crying as well. Hilarious. Emotional. Renée is brilliant and Colin is so handsome. Also, a lot of places that I have been to, Greenwich for instance as you can see above. I will tell you more about my last trip to London soon, stay tuned!

London, September 2014.


Walking the streets of London during night time.


Entering Oxford Street, Marble Arch.


Approaching the one and only Selfridges.


An old-fashioned cinema at the lower ground floor.


So many beautiful flowers everywhere!


St James’s Park I think. Absolutely wonderful!


I love you, Ben.


An old man feeding swans nearby Buckingham Palace.


Birthday food when Gunnar (grandfather a.k.a. morfar) turned 70.


Our hotel room. Plenty of good stuff in there at the time. Ha!


Poppies everywhere.


Went for a lemon muffin break at Costa.


Another dinner with my grandparents.


Boats/ships in CW.


Old Mout Cider – probably the best cider I have tasted so far in my life.




No more pictures of cider after this one, I promise…


Beautiful view from Canary Wharf in the evening and that will be all for now. Stay tuned.

Every time I see you, I light up.

Försöker lära mormor och morfar allt jag kan om London, hur man lever framförallt. Har berättat att man inte sover; går upp tidigt, fångar dagen, tar in hela atmosfären varenda liten tusendels sekund och sedan går man och lägger sig sent. Det finns ingen tid att förlora i världens bästa stad och vila kan man göra i graven. Sedan tar man sig fram till fots om inte med hjälp av London Underground men i första hand nyttjar man sina fantastiska ben. Man har bra skor på fötterna – gympaskor förslagsvis. Man kan gå klädd i vad som helst upptill, t.ex. någon fancy blus och matchande accessoarer, men skorna spelar ingen roll i den här staden – alla (pretty much) har bra skor. Det är som en oskriven regel.

Innan man åker får man inte glömma att packa med sig nödvändigheter som en adapter eftersom Storbritannien har annorlunda eluttag. Jag äger så klart redan en sådan och den gör mig sällskap varje gång. Pund kan också vara bra att ha med sig eftersom det kostar runt 30 SEK att ta ut pengar i automater på plats och dessutom är det bra med kontanter när man äter på restaurang t.ex. då de ofta tar en avgift. På Starbucks brukar det fungera fint att betala med kort, dock. Jag brukar ha med mig omkring £300 alltså drygt 3000 svenska kronor i kontanter och då har jag stannat i en vecka ungefär – däremot brukar jag alltid ha kvar en del vid resans slut och egentligen är det kanske lite för mycket men i värsta fall får man spara till nästa gång! Better safe than sorry – hellre för mycket än för lite.

Heathrow Express är förbjuden frukt. Det går snabbt och är smidigt, men du missar halva grejen med att åka till London – nämligen att se och uppleva den vackra arkitekturen och de varierande miljöerna. Dessutom är det dyrt. Det tar en halvtimme extra att ta sig från Heathrow med tunnelbana men det är värt det. Det känns som att vara i en film när man kikar ut genom fönstret, tåget kör nämligen inte alltid under marken.

Det finns mycket annat att berätta, t.ex. att Pret har världens godaste blåbärsmuffins eller att Ben’s Cookies gör underbara kakor, Gourmet Burger Kitchen har världens bästa banan-milkshake, etc. Eller lite mer important stuff som att ta reda på (innan du åker) vilket nummer du ringer för att spärra ditt kort om du skulle bli av med det, samt höra med din operatör vad det kostar att sms:a och dylikt i utlandet. För att inte glömma “Stand right, keep left” m.m. To be continued!


Kan inte riktigt begripa att jag åker till London nästa vecka igen, för andra gången i år och för 7:e gången i mitt liv (mellanlandning på Heathrow när jag var sex exkluderad). Ska bli så himla kul! Den här gången åker jag med mormor, morfar, min faster och hennes man och mina kusiner. Dock flyger jag i vanlig ordning själv från Köpenhamn men jag gillar att flyga själv och klara mig på egen hand, blir en helt annan upplevelse. Hur som helst, morfar fyller 70 och vi ska bo på hotell – samma hotell som jag och mamma bodde på 2010 och där vi träffade världens skönaste receptionist, Benno! Ska bli kul att se om han är kvar. I’ll keep in touch.

Free to roam, made a home out of everywhere I’ve been.



















London 2014.