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The reasons I write in English.

So, I thought I would finally answer this question. The reasons I write in English (most of the time) are mainly to improve my English skills and to challenge myself, not because I have a large number of international blog readers – yet! Nevertheless, I do have a few readers abroad. Google Analytics has given me the top countries which right now are (Sweden excluded): US, Russia, UK, Bahamas, Germany, Belgium, Canada, China… I definitely intend to stick with the English, although I undoubtedly will publish Swedish posts every now and then, too. Stay tuned!

Loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams.

I am completely and utterly in love with these two colours, and the fact that they go so well together! Besides, I occasionally put orange/Sienna coloured eye shadow on my lids to make my blue eyes pop! What do you think? Do you like these colours combined? What is your favourite colour, and why?

In London everyone is different, and that means, everyone can fit in.

I may not always be in London, but London is always with me. It was simply impossible to resist buying this Victorian Maps candle a while ago. London is my favourite place on earth due to the diverse and friendly people, splendid architecture and a delightful atmosphere. I know I will end up there. One day. Somehow. Soon.

I just can’t get you out of my head.

Good evening folks! Currently sweating my ass of at the 24/7 gym in Västra Hamnen (West Harbour) here in Malmö, right next to my new job at the grocery shop – Maxi ICA Stormarknad. The main reason I’m writing this right now is because I’m playing good old Kylie Minogue songs as we “speak”. I’ve grown up with her music since my dad loves her. When I was about 5 years old I used to watch the VHS we had with her music videos… Anyway, many of her tracks are actually really good here at the gym and for the walk home later!

Destination Christmas.

I’ve been longing for the Christmas season for quite some time now, and it’s finally here! I love to get in the mood with Christmas songs, films and not least – adverts (I’m sure you can tell by now)! Here’s a cute one from Heathrow Airport that I recently found. British adverts are beyond compare. The majority of the Christmas adverts I’ve seen and shared with you, I would be delighted to see as full-length feature films. There are several brilliant narratives with great messages, not to mention the various remarkable characters!

Christmas with love from Mrs Claus makes me realise what truly makes me happy – my siblings. Their happiness. I wish I could give them everything they ever wanted, but most importantly, I wish I could be with them and share the joy. I really appreciate all the time I get to spend with them (which, unfortunately, is not too often). It doesn’t matter if we just talk over the phone or if we only meet a few minutes to say hello; each and every moment is precious.

Can’t wrap this!

Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year – unless you’re a Hamleys employee and have to wrap teddy bears and other toys that are ‘mission impossible’ ha-ha! Today it is three years ago I started working as a Christmas employee at Hamleys (The Finest Toy Shop in the World) in Malmö. Undoubtedly a festive season and a very merry time of my life!

If only there was a way to be in two places at once.

Breaking news, Sainsbury’s Christmas advert this year is, in my opinion, way better than John Lewis’s. Sainsbury’s The Greatest Gift is very captivating and contemporary. I can easily relate to: “I don’t have time, there’s only one of me”. Watch it!

It’s worth peeking at John Lewis’s Christmas advert too, it’s just that I expected something more sentimental in line with previous years. Buster The Boxer is, regardless, very sweet!

Last but not least, another wonderful Christmas/winter story worth sharing! The excellent moral of the tale: “Make time for what you love”.

5 signs I am a true Londoner.

1. The idea of walking through Piccadilly Circus feels slightly less preferable than walking through Mordor.

2. You become FURIOUS when you get an escalator in another city and everyone stands on both sides.

3. You know which ‘No entry’ signs in tube stations to ignore in order to enjoy a cheeky shortcut to the platform.

4. You find the sound of sirens comforting. Silence is unnerving, and anyway, at least it means the police are doing their job.

5. You are a pro at walking; in heels, whilst eating a sandwich, texting, Instagramming, holding an umbrella AND not touching anyone. Olympic skills right there.

Karma is a bitch.


Allting började för ett par veckor sedan… Jag var på väg ut från pendeltågsstationen när jag såg en dam tappa sina vantar och jag sa ingenting! Det var liksom i farten, hon gick, jag gick, och det var människor både före, efter och emellan. Jag fick jättedåligt samvete och det visar sig att jag fortfarande ska påminnas om detta; från och med den dagen ser jag folk som tappar eller tappat vantar mer eller mindre hela tiden. Senast igår när jag var på bio låg det två ensamma vantar i en trappa. Helt ärligt är det väl bara en tidsfråga innan jag tappar mina egna Odd Molly-vantar och ingen säger något till mig. Den smällen får jag nog ta…


Vill ha två eller tre i framtiden men har namn åt fyra… Bianca och Sienna för tjejerna och Liam och John för killarna, och förhoppningsvis har jag ett tvillingpar! Edward är dock ett fint namn också men lite jobbigt att säga tycker jag. Jag gillar internationella namn, eller åtminstone namn som funkar både på svenska och engelska vilket jag tycker alla mina namn gör. Eftersom jag vill jobba/bo utomlands på sikt är det lite viktigt. Graham tycker jag är ett jättegulligt namn på engelska men på svenska blir det lite knasigt med tanke på mjölet, och sen låter det inte lika fint som det är på brittisk engelska (Jude Law i The Holiday)! Får jag inga barn tänker jag skaffa katter, ha-ha… Vill ha två stycken och har tre olika namnförslag: Charlie & Pascal, Franklin & Arthur eller Lexington och Missoni (gissa varför)!

Update 4/10 2016: Har kommit på att Bianca inte fungerar längre samt att Liam och John är för vanliga namn… Sienna och Colin lutar det åt nu istället, men tur att jag inte behöver bestämma mig än på ett tag! Har även nya namnförslag åt katterna, nämligen Bond och Ritz.