Florida 2018, part 1

Better late than never, folks! It’s been more than a year since this trip, and I just now found this draft and I thought it could be fun to see, even though it’s been “a while”. Ha! This was just before landing in Fort Lauderdale the 18th of September, 2018. I absolutely love flying and after the magical message, “Boarding completed”, take-off is definitely my favourite part. The adrenaline rush when leaving the ground at such a high speed is incomparable. However, approaching your destination isn’t all that bad either!

September 19th, Sawgrass Mills – a shopping mall/big fashion outlet in Sunrise. I had to go shopping the first day of the trip because I didn’t bring much luggage. On the left, inside Bath & Body Works. On the right, Chipotle which I instantly learned to love. Thanks for introducing me, Jennie!

Rag & Bone shared some Boxed Water (is better) with us, and Target had all the Ben & Jerry’s flavours.

7 For All Mankind, AllSaints, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rag & Bone, Victoria’s Secret (PINK). Most of it was really cheap, especially the American brands. AllSaints was a little bit more expensive but it’s one of my favourite brands and we don’t have it in Sweden, so…

After spending quite a few hours shopping we went out for drinks with two of my cousin’s friends in Fort Lauderdale. Rhythm and Vine, and Booze Garden. Two very cool and relaxed places. Although, I must say, there were a lot of interesting (to say the least) people out in the streets that night. Never have I ever seen worse, actually. I remember one man that looked like he was taken straight out of a horror movie; walked around like a zombie, behaved aggressively and spat. He was completely destroyed by drugs/alcohol/I don’t even know what. Ugh. It was really scary. Good thing we were a solid crew out there taking care of each other.

The Tonight Dough and the Americone Dream. If you’re not into ice cream – read no further. I spotted these at the first Hilton Hotel we stayed at.

From Miami with love. September 20th. I was so fascinated about the palm trees everywhere, they truly make the surroundings look so much prettier! These pictures were taken at Midtown Miami. Dreamy!

Mani and pedi time! Read more about the salon, LUV Nail Shop, in another blog post here.

A cute little spot for some self-care/self-love in the heart of Miami, if you will. Spa vibes deluxe.

Exploring wonderful Miami Beach.

I wanted to go to Whole Foods Market and made my cousin, Jennie, walk with me. I am that one friend, “It’s not far, we can walk” whilst Jennie probably wanted to call an Uber instead. Look at all the fresh fruit though, and the cute pink and purple potatoes! The walk was worth it. We found champagne and mimosa gourmet gummies/bears in there too. Win.

I could explore this part of the city forever. There was something to see everywhere. Even road signs were eye-catching.

Polaroid palm trees. If this isn’t perfection…

Hello, South Beach!

The world’s playground. I’d happily build myself a sand castle and stay right there. Forever.

Bae watch.

This I love. Sand, sea, sun.

How beautiful life is…

Miami Beach Boardwalk.

Ocean Drive. It was a hot, hot day.

Alcoholiday. Sugar Factory. Approved by Drake.

Agrees in French. I had to try Ladurée’s macarons. Yum! Shake Shack was also well worth a visit. To be continued…

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