Bangkok Day 2, Sunday: Don’t worry about us

1/10 of the breakfast here.

A wide selection of drinks. Decisions, decisions!

Where I go bananas every morning.

Hotel restaurant area.

Sundays are for weekend markets. Jatujak to be precise.

These soaps smelled SO good, especially the mango ones.

A crowded and huge area of stands.

A lot for my iPhone to capture…

Not as much to purchase. Ha!

No vacay without coconuts!


The cats here are so dirty but so ADORABLE.

It was only me, Jennie, our grandmother and Emma that went to the market.

Mum and the twins were busy with other things whilst we were strolling these streets.

Coco JJ for the sisters! The original coconut ice cream.

It was delicious and Em is so sweet, she always says thank you in Thai with the proper hand gesture and the citizens just love her.

Tbh, it doesn’t really feel like we’re on spring break here. My family is here and they basically know everything you need to know so it’s very easy to get around. Also, I’ve been here before although it’s years ago!

From one sort of shopping to another! Here at Terminal 21 (shopping mall) where each floor is inspired by a city of the world. San Fransisco was really cool!

I don’t really spend money on anything but desserts here. A black lava croissant and a matcha drink at CODE. Yum!

Good thing that I like walking!

My little local and tour guide. ”Don’t drink on the train, don’t point at Buddha, stand up during the King’s song…” To be continued!

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