Monthly Archives: January 2019


Today it is 65 days until I get to see my mother and siblings in Bangkok, Thailand, where they currently live. I cannot wait to go there, both to see them all, of course, but also to get some sun again. I need it. I’ve been to Bangkok before, when I was six years old. I don’t remember much but the memories I have are mainly bad ones. I know it smelled badly in the streets. Ha! If anyone has been there, feel free to give me some advice on where to go, etc. I’m busy planning my trip and I have a long list already, but please, if there’s something I just cannot miss – let me know!

Better than sex

Ugh, I am tired of swiping left and all those late night WhatsApp chats that lead nowhere. So, this year I might as well spice things up with myself. LUSH Cosmetics have released a limited edition series of Valentine’s gifts and I NEED at least a few of them: an Aubergine bath bomb, a Peachy bath bomb and The Big Banana massage bar.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing someone you care and spending quality time with that special someone. In my case, yet another year, that happens to be nobody but me. Teamed with a book and a cuppa, I am ready to pamper and indulge in some good self-loving this February. Never have I ever had a better reason to get naked!