Florida day 11, Saturday: Lazy Saturday

After I’d spent more or less half of the day by the pool. Back-in-Fort-Lauderdale-burger-brunch. Second time at this place during our stay. Buergerfi’s Burgers were A-OK. Especially this one, The CEO.

Post-brunch Publix shopping! I just love how Americans take every season and tradition very seriously. Pumpkin spice everything and Halloween items everywhere. I hit the pumpkin shelves fairly hard and I do miss them in Sweden. Besides, I can only imagine what pops up in the stores now as we approach Christmas time. I truly believe you have to experience every season in the States to get to know the country for real and I would certainly not mind!

American essentials.

At the end of the day in our huge shared hotel bed with The Weeknd in front of us. It was such a great show and I had that amazing feeling in my body – being on vacation whilst listening to his amazing voice. It was a live performance too, it almost felt like we were there singing along with the crowd. Just lovely.

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