Florida day 10, Friday: Dim the lights down low

I’m back. Almost one month later after we arrived in Sweden. Ha. These shoes I bought on Thursday (28/9), or the evening before if you will. Tory Burch. How fresh? I found them at Sawgrass Mills (the big fashion outlet).

I put on the new espadrilles, clothes (although I didn’t want to because it was so hot) and some makeup. Jennie and I were headed for Happy Hour around lunchtime; white sangria for me and red for her. Cheers! We did two rounds, at least…

Back in Miami. I left Jennie in Fort Lauderdale and went straight to The Salty Donut in Wynwood. I had tried to go there two times already – the first time the line was too long and the second time it was closed. But this day, I finally got to try those delicious doughnuts!

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. I loved the place. Such a great atmosphere and a beautiful view. I will show you more photos in a future post.

I finally got my coconut drink! It was high up on my Miami bucket list. A very interesting taste so it took some time to drink it and I mean, look at the size too.

Out and about.

Rooftop bar. Aperol Spritz. Pour decisions…

East Miami Sugar (the very name of the spot). Miami/Florida weather is funny. Forecasts say it’s going to rain basically every day. It never rains – except from five minutes here and there. So, one of the few times I got to experience the rain in South Florida was in this bar. Actually pretty charming, I’d say. And that would be all for today. I’ll try not to wait a month until next time!

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