Florida day 8, Wednesday: Catch some rays

Poolside lounging! The pool is behind there somewhere, I promise. I was just too lazy to stand up and get a proper photo. When tanning in southern Florida it looks like you’ve been in the pool because you’re dripping… That’s how hot it is, and that’s also my explanation for not moving.

Ben & Jerry’s by the hotel pool surrounded by lizards and Jennie. Unfortunately, the pistachio flavour wasn’t as good as I hoped. It wasn’t even green but white. Imagine the disappointment. It was good though, but I probably won’t buy it again. I have quite a few other flavours to try before I fly back home to Sweden.

First ice cream, then lunch. That’s the way it goes, right? Hummus for two, please!

8 PM drinks in an Irish bar by the pitch-black beach. Since I live in Malmö I’m used to sunsets on the horizon across the sea. In Florida it’s the opposite. So, the water was completely dark, but it was quite cool to see the big moon and the lights from the large boats/ships out there.

Pizza for three! Jennie’s friend joined us for late dinner, none of us are pregnant. Don’t worry mum. Don’t worry aunt. We may put on some weight down here but it’s merely from eating. It’s cheap and it’s good!

Before heading out for drinks, we went to the Galleria Mall next to the hotel. Again. I bought three bras and I got this pink, cosy companion for free. He’ll be perfect for the flight home as a travel pillow!

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