Florida day 7, Tuesday: Let’s just play it by ear

I’m so healthy here in the States, sometimes I put orange juice in my champagne. Mimosa, Siggi’s Swedish style filmjölk, strawberries and banana for breakfast this morning. It was delicious! When I was a kid I used to call my grandmother’s adorable cat Sigge for Siggi. Obviously, I had to try one of his dairy products. Ha.

Jennie and I was planning on spending the day at the beach but ended up with free drinks in beach chairs at her old Hilton hotel where she used to work.

We stayed in the sun for two hours tops and I put on spf 50 and 30 this morning. Yet, I managed to turn into a blushing lobster again. The sun is crazy here. It’s lovely but you can’t stay for too long, just as you miss the heat whilst you’re inside with all the ACs.

For lunch, Jennie introduced me to Burgerfi. I’m glad I had chips (fries) because I truly needed the salt from all the sweating here. I’ve been searching for salty liquorice but it’s impossible.

We didn’t really have any plans for today. After lunch we went to a mall just next to the hotel and I bought this amazing limited edition pumpkin spice milkshake from Godiva. I may have to come back for more, that’s how good it was.

Heroes save. We spend. The first day here in Florida my straightener broke. It was so unlucky. Jennie didn’t bring hers because I was going to bring mine. Since then, both of us have been forced to rock fluffy hair. I couldn’t take one more day so today I got a new one in white, as per usual. Ghd straighteners are not cheap, but they are gold. I also got some more knickers from Victoria’s Secret because one can’t ever have enough.

Happy hour is the best hour. More food at a place called Blue Martini. Lobster tacos and something else with artichoke that was super tasty!

Before we left the hotel today we left a note to house keeping about wanting more schampoo and conditioner since we’re two girls with long thick hair that like to shower. We came back to this. Ha! We expected like two of each since it’s always been one of each but no, now we have five of each! It’s so perfect. Schampoo and conditioner galore, plus a new straightener. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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