Florida day 6, Monday: It’s a tough life but someone has to do it

There are cookies like these basically everywhere in this country. Although we didn’t buy any from this place, I’m glad that Jennie and I walk a lot down here. Otherwise, I’m not sure we’d make it on the plane back home.

We started our Monday with another stroll around Wynwood. There is a doughnut place that I’ve been dying to visit but it’s not the bake shop in the picture. The other day when we walked past it, there was a crazy long queue. Yesterday, Monday, when we went back – it was closed. I hope I’ll get to go later this week!

As we kept on walking we found this little oasis. So cosy!

Next up Target, again. Jennie was going to buy something for her brother, my other cousin, and I spent some time looking at the Halloween flavoured range. My favourite colour is orange and one of my favourite spices is pumpkin so we certainly picked the right season to visit the United States! I wish I could bring these Halloween Oreos to Sweden. I don’t have time nor space in my tummy to try everything I want to here. Ha. It probably won’t fit in my luggage either…

Back in the stunning Design District. I had another ice cream shop on my Miami bucket list.

Even these (whatever they’re called) are cool here with palm trees. We don’t even have any tree on ours back in Sweden.

Went into Longchamp. I am very fond of their bags and have quite a few of them. Unfortunately, European companies are awfully expensive here.

Yasss, Fendi!

We finally made it to the +21 ice cream store, Aubi & Ramsa. I obviously had to snap basically everything on the way there… Anyway, I had a champagne sorbet called ”Strawberries and rosé” made with Veuve Clicquot rosé. Delicious! Jennie went for a ”Dirty mojito”.

I mean look at the environment there. It was so hard to leave!

When I get filthy rich, this is where I’ll buy most of my shoes. There’s no point in arguing.

After leaving the Miami Design District it was time for us to go back to Fort Lauderdale. Little did I know Jennie was going to show me a typical American restaurant where the girls wore the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen. Ha! The food at Hooters was good though. I had nachos with a side of Long Island Tea.

This time around in Fort Lauderdale we’re staying in a Hilton hotel by the beach. As you can see, we have a pink month coming up – Breast Cancer Awareness month. The huge pink ribbon in front of the beach were to pretty not to capture. Besides, we could tell at Ralph Lauren last week as they are selling their ”Pink Pony” collection.


The rest of the evening was spent in the hotel room with some bubbles and American news in the background. We bought some breakfast for today, Tuesday, just before we got back since it’s not included at this hotel. We have our own kitchen though so it’s really nice. I’m starting to get hungry now. It’s 9:46 AM. Talk to you later!

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