Florida day 5, Sunday: At MDD

Sorry about the minor delay in daily Florida blog posts. It’s Monday evening right now but I’ll to start with an update on yesterday – our Sunday. After the hotel breakfast, still in Wynwood, we went to my new favourite store. Target! You can find basically everything in there and we did, although we had to come back later to actually buy things because we we’re off to the Design District.

Miami Design District/MDD is very modern and obviously crazy beautiful. Look at the trees!

In the middle of the Design District there’s a place called St. Roch Market which is like a food court but a bit more fancy – yet not too pricey. Just the way I like it!

I had to try the matcha soft serve in a coconut from Chef Chloe. It was just as delicious as it looks. Yum!

If you’ve lost your appetite recently, I’ve got it! Jennie and I figured lunch would be a good idea as well and trust me, it was! Hummus for me, bibimbap for her.

There were people selling things in there, at the market. All kinds of super cute things! I would have bought a pair of sunglasses if it wasn’t for the gold details (I’m a silver gal) and the fact that I’m already a proud owner of pink shades thanks to Le Specs!

At MDD. Lovely surroundings!

A very high-end area with all the exclusive designer brands.

After spending a few hours in the Design District we went back to Target to buy all the unnecessary stuff that we needed, such as makeup tools, sweets and four drinking mason jars with handles from Ball. It’s so much cheaper over here!

Next stop: Nordstrom. I had to get new knickers, panties if you like, since I didn’t bring that many. I also found a pair of pink suede Jeffrey Campbell heels on sale. I wasn’t convinced since I’m a picky one but Jennie convinced me. Otherwise I won’t be able to go out in the city of Miami so I basically had to get them. Ha. They do look better on though and they’re really comfortable.

By the end of the day, I was so tired from the night before so I spent the evening in the hotel room with pumpkin pie m&m’s and called it a night rather early.

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