Florida day 3, Friday: South Beach, bringing the heat

I think I haven’t mentioned yet how warm and humid it is down here. When we got off the plane the other day I thought the stair thingy leading out of the aircraft was hot from standing in the sun. The heat really hit me when I stepped out but it turns out, it really is HOT here. I’m starting to get used to it now though (and I love it) but it’s definitely the opposite from Sweden; here you want to go out to get warm because inside you might actually freeze from the air conditioning. Quite funny. However, I’m very happy for the ACs, you certainly need to cool down after being out in the sun.

I’m just about to take a shower before we get on with day 4 in Miami but I’ll give you a Friday brief.

We spent half of the day at the beach thinking we weren’t going to burn after applying loads of spf 30 and even 50 in the face but of course we did. Two lobsters were later going for lunch and enormous drinks at a place called Sugar Factory right by the beach. We didn’t see any celebrities but apparently my drink was approved by Drake and Jennie’s by Pitbull. Ha.

Our next stop – Lincoln Road. Shopping. I got two basic tops from my favourite brand AllSaints and three cute and delicious macarons from Ladurée!

10 PM: Shake Shack for dinner with one of Jennie’s friends and then we wanted to go out but I didn’t bring any heels (because I don’t own any) so we ended up staying in the hotel room drinking wine and talking. Dress code is super important here. NO SANDALS! And here I was thinking mine from a Danish designer were cool enough to go out with…

Today we’re going to another hotel but we’re thinking about staying in Miami Beach for a while. I love it here! The Miami Beach Boardwalk was so pretty and the beach, the sand and the shells – perfection!

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