Florida day 1, Wednesday: Jet lag

Both Jennie and I woke up at 5 in the morning local time which would be 11 o’clock in Sweden. I had to really force myself to go back to sleep. Not an easy one!

We spent the day shopping at a big fashion outlet called Sawgrass Mills. We thought we were going to stay just a few hours but we ended up leaving the mall around 10 PM. Ha! It was so big. There were shopping ”avenues” and you could go both inside and outdoors. I really liked it though. It was fresh and there were really good brands and discounts. I will be back at least one more time before we go home… I still have a couple of stores left to visit and I wouldn’t mind shopping some at Ralph Lauren Factory Store again. Such good prices! Actually, we didn’t even have lunch until dinner time around 7 PM… It was so big and we really wanted to see it all. When we finally made it to the food court where we started we ended up at Chipotle Mexican Grill. It was delicious.

As per usual, we took an Uber back to the hotel which is where I spotted those Ben and Jerry’s. Can’t wait to try them all. Ha. Later on we met up with two of Jennie’s friends and went out for drinks at Rhytym and Vine, and a place called Booze Garden.

I’m writing this the morning after. I slept for four hours… My body doesn’t want to rest here. There’s so much to explore and be excited about. Hopefully I won’t get too sleepy during the day… I’ll get back to you!

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