We’re going to Miami

About two weeks ago I received a message on Snapchat from my cousin; she asked me if I wanted to go with her to Florida in mid-September. The answer was: ”YEAH”! Hence, in four days I’m leaving for Stockholm and in five days me and Jennie will be boarding a flight to Fort Lauderdale! I have never been in the States before so I am super excited. Jennie used to work and live there so I’m basically going there with a tour guide which is perfect. I cannot wait! I haven’t been abroad to palm trees since 2007 so I think I’m worth it. Although the everyday weather down there right now seems to be ”thundery showers and a gentle breeze” I think I’ll manage to get a tan as we’re staying there for TWO weeks and the UV is still very high.

The last couple of days in between work, the only thing I’ve been doing is planning our trip; watching Youtube vlogs from Miami and following lots of new local bars, cafés and restaurants on Instagram. Make sure to follow my public Instagram account @jubileejulia for updates! I will try to update here as well though so stay tuned!

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