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Florida day 9, Thursday: Keeping up with the Larsens

Breakfast. KUWTK. Pool. A little rain. Sunshine again. A little shopping at Sawgrass Mills. Again. Chipotle. Again. Drinks. Again. Ice cream on the beach, in the dark. That was our Thursday. Summarised.

Florida day 8, Wednesday: Catch some rays

Poolside lounging! The pool is behind there somewhere, I promise. I was just too lazy to stand up and get a proper photo. When tanning in southern Florida it looks like you’ve been in the pool because you’re dripping… That’s how hot it is, and that’s also my explanation for not moving.

Ben & Jerry’s by the hotel pool surrounded by lizards and Jennie. Unfortunately, the pistachio flavour wasn’t as good as I hoped. It wasn’t even green but white. Imagine the disappointment. It was good though, but I probably won’t buy it again. I have quite a few other flavours to try before I fly back home to Sweden.

First ice cream, then lunch. That’s the way it goes, right? Hummus for two, please!

8 PM drinks in an Irish bar by the pitch-black beach. Since I live in Malmö I’m used to sunsets on the horizon across the sea. In Florida it’s the opposite. So, the water was completely dark, but it was quite cool to see the big moon and the lights from the large boats/ships out there.

Pizza for three! Jennie’s friend joined us for late dinner, none of us are pregnant. Don’t worry mum. Don’t worry aunt. We may put on some weight down here but it’s merely from eating. It’s cheap and it’s good!

Before heading out for drinks, we went to the Galleria Mall next to the hotel. Again. I bought three bras and I got this pink, cosy companion for free. He’ll be perfect for the flight home as a travel pillow!

Florida day 7, Tuesday: Let’s just play it by ear

I’m so healthy here in the States, sometimes I put orange juice in my champagne. Mimosa, Siggi’s Swedish style filmjölk, strawberries and banana for breakfast this morning. It was delicious! When I was a kid I used to call my grandmother’s adorable cat Sigge for Siggi. Obviously, I had to try one of his dairy products. Ha.

Jennie and I was planning on spending the day at the beach but ended up with free drinks in beach chairs at her old Hilton hotel where she used to work.

We stayed in the sun for two hours tops and I put on spf 50 and 30 this morning. Yet, I managed to turn into a blushing lobster again. The sun is crazy here. It’s lovely but you can’t stay for too long, just as you miss the heat whilst you’re inside with all the ACs.

For lunch, Jennie introduced me to Burgerfi. I’m glad I had chips (fries) because I truly needed the salt from all the sweating here. I’ve been searching for salty liquorice but it’s impossible.

We didn’t really have any plans for today. After lunch we went to a mall just next to the hotel and I bought this amazing limited edition pumpkin spice milkshake from Godiva. I may have to come back for more, that’s how good it was.

Heroes save. We spend. The first day here in Florida my straightener broke. It was so unlucky. Jennie didn’t bring hers because I was going to bring mine. Since then, both of us have been forced to rock fluffy hair. I couldn’t take one more day so today I got a new one in white, as per usual. Ghd straighteners are not cheap, but they are gold. I also got some more knickers from Victoria’s Secret because one can’t ever have enough.

Happy hour is the best hour. More food at a place called Blue Martini. Lobster tacos and something else with artichoke that was super tasty!

Before we left the hotel today we left a note to house keeping about wanting more schampoo and conditioner since we’re two girls with long thick hair that like to shower. We came back to this. Ha! We expected like two of each since it’s always been one of each but no, now we have five of each! It’s so perfect. Schampoo and conditioner galore, plus a new straightener. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Florida day 6, Monday: It’s a tough life but someone has to do it

There are cookies like these basically everywhere in this country. Although we didn’t buy any from this place, I’m glad that Jennie and I walk a lot down here. Otherwise, I’m not sure we’d make it on the plane back home.

We started our Monday with another stroll around Wynwood. There is a doughnut place that I’ve been dying to visit but it’s not the bake shop in the picture. The other day when we walked past it, there was a crazy long queue. Yesterday, Monday, when we went back – it was closed. I hope I’ll get to go later this week!

As we kept on walking we found this little oasis. So cosy!

Next up Target, again. Jennie was going to buy something for her brother, my other cousin, and I spent some time looking at the Halloween flavoured range. My favourite colour is orange and one of my favourite spices is pumpkin so we certainly picked the right season to visit the United States! I wish I could bring these Halloween Oreos to Sweden. I don’t have time nor space in my tummy to try everything I want to here. Ha. It probably won’t fit in my luggage either…

Back in the stunning Design District. I had another ice cream shop on my Miami bucket list.

Even these (whatever they’re called) are cool here with palm trees. We don’t even have any tree on ours back in Sweden.

Went into Longchamp. I am very fond of their bags and have quite a few of them. Unfortunately, European companies are awfully expensive here.

Yasss, Fendi!

We finally made it to the +21 ice cream store, Aubi & Ramsa. I obviously had to snap basically everything on the way there… Anyway, I had a champagne sorbet called ”Strawberries and rosé” made with Veuve Clicquot rosé. Delicious! Jennie went for a ”Dirty mojito”.

I mean look at the environment there. It was so hard to leave!

When I get filthy rich, this is where I’ll buy most of my shoes. There’s no point in arguing.

After leaving the Miami Design District it was time for us to go back to Fort Lauderdale. Little did I know Jennie was going to show me a typical American restaurant where the girls wore the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen. Ha! The food at Hooters was good though. I had nachos with a side of Long Island Tea.

This time around in Fort Lauderdale we’re staying in a Hilton hotel by the beach. As you can see, we have a pink month coming up – Breast Cancer Awareness month. The huge pink ribbon in front of the beach were to pretty not to capture. Besides, we could tell at Ralph Lauren last week as they are selling their ”Pink Pony” collection.


The rest of the evening was spent in the hotel room with some bubbles and American news in the background. We bought some breakfast for today, Tuesday, just before we got back since it’s not included at this hotel. We have our own kitchen though so it’s really nice. I’m starting to get hungry now. It’s 9:46 AM. Talk to you later!

Florida day 5, Sunday: At MDD

Sorry about the minor delay in daily Florida blog posts. It’s Monday evening right now but I’ll to start with an update on yesterday – our Sunday. After the hotel breakfast, still in Wynwood, we went to my new favourite store. Target! You can find basically everything in there and we did, although we had to come back later to actually buy things because we we’re off to the Design District.

Miami Design District/MDD is very modern and obviously crazy beautiful. Look at the trees!

In the middle of the Design District there’s a place called St. Roch Market which is like a food court but a bit more fancy – yet not too pricey. Just the way I like it!

I had to try the matcha soft serve in a coconut from Chef Chloe. It was just as delicious as it looks. Yum!

If you’ve lost your appetite recently, I’ve got it! Jennie and I figured lunch would be a good idea as well and trust me, it was! Hummus for me, bibimbap for her.

There were people selling things in there, at the market. All kinds of super cute things! I would have bought a pair of sunglasses if it wasn’t for the gold details (I’m a silver gal) and the fact that I’m already a proud owner of pink shades thanks to Le Specs!

At MDD. Lovely surroundings!

A very high-end area with all the exclusive designer brands.

After spending a few hours in the Design District we went back to Target to buy all the unnecessary stuff that we needed, such as makeup tools, sweets and four drinking mason jars with handles from Ball. It’s so much cheaper over here!

Next stop: Nordstrom. I had to get new knickers, panties if you like, since I didn’t bring that many. I also found a pair of pink suede Jeffrey Campbell heels on sale. I wasn’t convinced since I’m a picky one but Jennie convinced me. Otherwise I won’t be able to go out in the city of Miami so I basically had to get them. Ha. They do look better on though and they’re really comfortable.

By the end of the day, I was so tired from the night before so I spent the evening in the hotel room with pumpkin pie m&m’s and called it a night rather early.

Florida day 4, Saturday: Wandering Wynwood

Yesterday. Saturday. Coffee break in Miami Beach at Paul’s – mum’s and Emma’s favourite café in Bangkok. We had to try it as well and it was delicious. The taste of pistachio was/is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Bubba. Bubble tea. Wynwood.

We found Drake in the middle of the Art District. God’s plan? Who knows.

Miami forecast: sunny with a chance of sprinkles. Thanks, Taiyaki NYC Miami! That unicorn is going home with me.

There are a lot of cute shops around Wynwood with clothes that you probably won’t find anywhere else in the world. I fell in love with these. However, quite pricey. I bought a jumpsuit in another boutique though. I’ll show you in a separate blog post!

I like to look at walls and have too much time on my hands.

Aren’t we addictive?

Where there’s orange there’s joy. These flowers were so beautiful!

Wynwood Yard. Such a dreamy and film-like place. Food trucks, live music, palm trees and string lights. I heart Miami!

Look at these red lights. Obviously I had to stop – for dinner.

Downtown. Miami. Skyline. I had a wonderful day!

Florida day 3, Friday: South Beach, bringing the heat

I think I haven’t mentioned yet how warm and humid it is down here. When we got off the plane the other day I thought the stair thingy leading out of the aircraft was hot from standing in the sun. The heat really hit me when I stepped out but it turns out, it really is HOT here. I’m starting to get used to it now though (and I love it) but it’s definitely the opposite from Sweden; here you want to go out to get warm because inside you might actually freeze from the air conditioning. Quite funny. However, I’m very happy for the ACs, you certainly need to cool down after being out in the sun.

I’m just about to take a shower before we get on with day 4 in Miami but I’ll give you a Friday brief.

We spent half of the day at the beach thinking we weren’t going to burn after applying loads of spf 30 and even 50 in the face but of course we did. Two lobsters were later going for lunch and enormous drinks at a place called Sugar Factory right by the beach. We didn’t see any celebrities but apparently my drink was approved by Drake and Jennie’s by Pitbull. Ha.

Our next stop – Lincoln Road. Shopping. I got two basic tops from my favourite brand AllSaints and three cute and delicious macarons from Ladurée!

10 PM: Shake Shack for dinner with one of Jennie’s friends and then we wanted to go out but I didn’t bring any heels (because I don’t own any) so we ended up staying in the hotel room drinking wine and talking. Dress code is super important here. NO SANDALS! And here I was thinking mine from a Danish designer were cool enough to go out with…

Today we’re going to another hotel but we’re thinking about staying in Miami Beach for a while. I love it here! The Miami Beach Boardwalk was so pretty and the beach, the sand and the shells – perfection!

Florida day 2, Thursday: From Miami with love

Good morning guys! I just woke up about twenty minutes ago. It’s Friday and it’s 6:28 in the morning here. I keep waking up so early and I don’t get enough sleep. I’m not completely settled in yet but soon I hope!

Yesterday we left Fort Lauderdale and arrived alive in Miami! At first I went to get a mani and pedi at the cutest little nail shop called Luv Nail Shop in Midtown Miami. It was so pretty. I have never done my nails before so it was quite an experience. I feel so pretty now. I’m just going to have to nail the tan as well and then I’ll be ready to party! I don’t have any good pictures of the nails yet but I’ll show you in due time. I went for shimmery orange on the toes and light white/pink for the fingers. I also went for a natural look which is what I usually go for. I mean, I did not make them longer, I just told them to make the best of my own nails.

After the appointment we headed over to Miami Beach which is where we’re staying for two nights. We stay at another Hilton hotel on Collins Ave, right next to the beach which is where we’ll be chilling in a few hours if the weather is all right. I can’t wait!

Around 4 PM after check-in we went for a stroll down Lincoln Rd to get some food. It was the worst hamburger I’ve ever had! We were so hungry though because we didn’t eat lunch so we just picked a random place. Lesson learned!

Before we came back home (we were so tired after four hours of sleep the night before) we went for a little stroll to Whole Foods Market to buy some sweet things. I’m not big on the pictures here right now but they are being taken – rest assured. I just don’t find time to edit them all as I prefer to do. Make sure to follow @jubilejulia on Instagram in the meantime. I will show you more soon. Stay tuned!

Florida day 1, Wednesday: Jet lag

Both Jennie and I woke up at 5 in the morning local time which would be 11 o’clock in Sweden. I had to really force myself to go back to sleep. Not an easy one!

We spent the day shopping at a big fashion outlet called Sawgrass Mills. We thought we were going to stay just a few hours but we ended up leaving the mall around 10 PM. Ha! It was so big. There were shopping ”avenues” and you could go both inside and outdoors. I really liked it though. It was fresh and there were really good brands and discounts. I will be back at least one more time before we go home… I still have a couple of stores left to visit and I wouldn’t mind shopping some at Ralph Lauren Factory Store again. Such good prices! Actually, we didn’t even have lunch until dinner time around 7 PM… It was so big and we really wanted to see it all. When we finally made it to the food court where we started we ended up at Chipotle Mexican Grill. It was delicious.

As per usual, we took an Uber back to the hotel which is where I spotted those Ben and Jerry’s. Can’t wait to try them all. Ha. Later on we met up with two of Jennie’s friends and went out for drinks at Rhytym and Vine, and a place called Booze Garden.

I’m writing this the morning after. I slept for four hours… My body doesn’t want to rest here. There’s so much to explore and be excited about. Hopefully I won’t get too sleepy during the day… I’ll get back to you!

Touchdown Fort Lauderdale

It’s no ordinary day because me and my cousin just landed in the U, S and A! The flight was quite long with ten hours to kill but we did quite all right. Two movies, some sleep and a little chatting. Right now, we’re at our first Hilton hotel for this trip. My cousin, Jennie, works at Hilton in Stockholm and she arranged this for us. Cousins with benefits. Ha!

This is my first time in the States, it feels so unreal to finally be here. The heat and the palm trees, and all the American flags… Wow. I haven’t been abroad since 2007 (except from London). I am so excited!

I should be dead tired whilst writing this, it’s 10:18 PM here in Florida and it’s 4:18 AM in Sweden but we’re doing fine actually. West is best, apparently! I thought it would be worse. I guess we could sleep if we tried to but we’re making an effort to manage the jet lag.

Now, American pancakes!