Action, baby

London Has Fallen, Olympus Has Fallen, Taken 3, Unknown… What do these titles have in common? Well, apart from that I watched all of them recently, these films are all about action which is so not my style. I’m not a big fan of action movies, yet I decided to watch these – and liked them. Why? The only explanation is a serious lack of action and excitement in my life at the moment. Ha. Besides, Gerard Butler and Liam Neeson are always easy to watch and I also found the screenplays rather clever; not Inception clever (I still haven’t figured that one, ugh) but intriguing. I prefer films where I don’t have to think too much, presumably because I am embarrassingly bad at watching movies in general. My mind always wanders, I get on the phone and start scrolling my Instagram feed instead, or I’m just leaving without pausing for a cuppa… Hi, my name is Julia and I am a helpless film abuser. Hi Julia!!!

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