The other day, I went outside for a walk with mum. After about an hour of strolling in our neighbourhood, she inscrutably said that there was something she had to tell me. I immediately thought she was expecting. Her fifth. She put it exactly like that the other two times.

I was pleased to find out rather quickly – that was not the case. I do love every single one of my siblings but I always felt the current number was enough. I mean, all l I ever asked for was one. I ended up with three plus three! The moral of this subplot: be careful what you wish for!

Consequently, no baby boom but a bang as she dropped another bomb. My beloved mother is moving to Bangkok! The moment she uttered those words, tears welled up in my eyes. I have no idea how to manage without her close by. She is the indispensable life-support system of mine that I am in serious need of in situations like these. Mama just caused a minor life crash and I feel slightly injured at the moment. The main reason I live in Malmö is because of her and her three kids, my sister and my twin brothers. I cannot believe they will be gone in a month, for one and a half year at least. I am going to miss them times ten.

A number of degrees warmer, six hours ahead and a ten hour flight away. Never have I ever cared this much about numbers! Nevertheless, of course I am happy for my family and this great opportunity. I certainly would have done the same.

We have now discussed the matter for a couple of days. Finally, I have realised this can be advantageous for me as well. I will have an excellent excuse to visit Thailand. Besides, I will get the chance to finally see the sun again and get a tan! It has been eleven years…

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