Ideas worth spreading

Another New Year’s resolution: one TED Talk a day – my hunger for knowledge takeaway to feed my mind. It is healthy to train all body parts – including the brain! I hit the gym a lot, it is time to hit the books just as much. Even though I do not really like to study, I like (love, actually) learning and being up to date. It is a great advantage to truly know things.

I read Forbes articles daily. The truth is, I rarely play iPhone games; whenever I am on my phone for other than social purposes, it is usually for educational reasons. How about that?

Geniuses are made, not born. The willingness to learn is a choice. My biggest challange here, is to face the fact that there are lessons only failure can teach me. I need to gain experience from life and thus I must dare to live a little. Basically, I have to add just a tad of wild and crazy to my résumé. Are you with me?

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