No elegant woman follows fashion slavishly

I have got some fashion confessions for you!

  • I am a Swedish sucker for suede. Suede boots, suede jackets (in love with my very own orange one from AllSaints), suede trousers – you name it. I would wear suede over any sort of skin any day. Yet, of course I like to vary.
  • The Chloé ballerinas above are to die for. The ultimate summer flats!
  • I think embroidery is such a nice detail, especially floral.
  • My favourite high-end fashion house is Balmain (Paris). They make such great, outstanding and well-made pieces of clothing. Just my style!
  • I am obsessed with the Vogue Runway app. Sophie, my stylist in London introduced it to me. Wow.

Now, I am going to Bedfordshire!

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