A bit of madness is key

Good evening, here are a few things about me, myself and I!

  • Occasionally, I listen to British radio, primarily to hear the wonderful accent, but also to develop my listening comprehension. I also exploit Cambridge Dictionary (my very best friend), RhymeZone, Thesaurus and a verb conjugator as English skills resources. Of course, I make use of Google Translate as well, but you have to be critical to its translations – sentence structure hassle and American English! I often go to Google (the search engine) to look for sentences and check if they have occurred elsewhere; whether they are accurate or not. I principally visit top English newspapers such as The Sun, The Telegraph and The Times. Sometimes, I even have to use Synonymer.se for several purposes. I think it is fun though, I would not do it if I did not care. I love languages, English in particular. In fact, it is important for me that my future husband is able to speak and write proper Swedish or English (or both).
  • I counted my Victoria’s Secret knickers the other week, the pile is getting high so I pretty much had to. I have over 50 pairs! Pounds are for panties, it goes without saying.
  • Me and my grandmother cannot stand people who cannot pronounce the Swedish words “egentligen” and “Schweiz”. Almost every other person in this country cannot say “egentligen” properly, and uttering “Schweiz” seems nearly impossible. Let me help the ones in need once and for all. If you say anything like “ejengklien” you are wrong and “Schweiz” is pronounced “Schweitz”. My pleasure!
  • I have family and friends in so many parts of the world now. Barcelona, Brussels, Fort Lauderdale (Florida, close to Miami), London, Los Angeles, Sydney… I need to pack my bag ASAP and travel to as many as possible!
  • I do not believe in any kind of God nor spirits (ghosts, whatever) and I find it hard to be around individuals who do not share the same view there (at least we should not talk about it). It is so clear to me that such things do not (and cannot) exist, so it kind of bothers me that others think otherwise. I have got one man for you: Richard Dawkins. Watch him on YouTube. He is the best.

I hope you liked this content!

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