Burgers & Friends

If you are looking for Malmö’s best hamburgers – look no further! Burgers & Friends serve the most delicious burgers that I have ever tasted, and if you go there, you must try their sweet potato chips as well. Yum! Paris Marché is my favourite hamburger with cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelised onions, lettuce, pickled green tomatoes and the tastiest truffle mayo! I am a sucker for anything truffle. Anyway, the restaurant was founded by the number one Swedish chef according to me, namely Melker Andersson. He is so handsome… Oh, and the ambiance in his restaurants; casual and cosy, yet with a touch of luxury – just what I like! Actually, I once had dinner with Melker’s brother and his family along with a few mutual friends. Ha! The pictures were taken about two weeks ago when I visited the place (for the second time) with my friend Claudia.

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