Good day! I am sitting in front of my laptop wrapped in a blanket and listening to some relaxing music. Also, I just had a cup of coffee after totally failing a smoothie. Dear fellow beings, “Less is more” and “Too good to be true” are risky to underestimate! I foolishly thought that I would make a delicious morning drink by mixing all of my favourite ingredients: Alpro Soya Vanilla, ginger, Innocent apple juice and elderflower, and mango (alphabetical order). I was completely and utterly w-r-o-n-g. Yuck! I should have known better. I am a person who usually prefer eating foods separately. For instance, instead of eating a brownie topped off with pieces of fruit, I would much rather eat the brownie or the fruit without the other. So, if you want us to run smoothly, then please do not bring me chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Champagne, on the other hand…

Yesterday at work, I helped a customer who were about to buy some oysters. The wife came along and said: “But we are out of champagne” to him, before she turned to me and continued: “I think you have to pair champagne with oysters”. My quick reply: “Well, I think you have to pair champagne with most things”. Mrs Customer: “Perhaps not for breakfast served with yogurt”. Moi: “I really do not mind champagne breakfasts”. She: “True, it is better to skip the yogurt”. It was such a great conversation!

Today is going to be a day spent lounging within the 19 square metres of mine. However, it is a beautiful day and I will probably pop out for another hot beverage, too. It may be sunny outdoors, but the temperature stubbornly remains freezing. I intend to go for a stroll in the city and holding a hot cup is a surefire way to warm up cold hands.

This morning, I chose my Starbucks mug that I got from my mum a couple of months ago, because I long away from Sweden. My mother and especially my siblings worship Dubai, and I guess, as do I, although I have never been there – yet. I have seen a lot of outstanding photographs from their holidays, but I truly believe that some experiences simply do not translate and that you have to go to know. But for now, I am stuck with the snow. Have a nice day!

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