No reason to stay, is a good reason to go

I rarely see my mother and when I do, it is usually for lunch dates on weekdays (a.k.a. work days), which means that once I get to see her it is only for about an hour which is certainly too little time. On these occasions, I either talk too fast to manage to utter everything she has missed before we must part ways, or, I have nothing to say because I do not know where to start.

I love spending time with my mum, Anna. She is smart, encouraging and we laugh at the very same things. We are very much alike. Right now, she is on a business trip somewhere in Europe and after touchdown Sweden, she will travel to Switzerland the very next day for a vacay. She is a busy woman for sure and her time is precious.

“Mamma Anna” is definitely one of my best friends. Thus, it is important for me to meet with her regularly. However, I definitely need to make new friends this year; it is a fact acknowledged that I cannot hang out with my mother as much as I wish, but mainly since one of my best friends, Claudia, is leaving for Barcelona indefinitely in just a few days now!

Just like Claudia, I also feel that I am done with Sweden for a while, and since I am not bound to stay (boyfriend, kids…), I am thinking of a getaway. I am pretty certain it is a Londonbound thought. I will just have to sort some things out before I make a move. Imagine my state of mind if I were to live in my favourite city and date my favourite kind of men – the British ones. What am I waiting for?

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