Yesterday I had my first sushi in years! I used to love it, then I ate it too often and that, in turn, resulted in not eating it at all. I felt like a sushi rookie but I could still handle the chopsticks quite well. Me and one of my dad’s sisters went to Sushi Yama in the city nearby Hötorget/Haymarket. It was delicious!

After the lunch we walked through Gamla Stan/The Old City and over to Södermalm (no good translation for that but the south part of the city). In Gamla Stan we went into a book shop where I bought one of my favourite card games FLUXX in a new edition called Nature. I cannot wait to play it!

My aunt and I went to a café in Södermalm for a quick coffee break before she had a job interview, and we talked a lot about blog related things. She has teached me basically everything I know about WordPress, SEO and Google Analytics. She also showed my this brand new book that she had recently bought and I think I will have to get one too!

Eventually we parted ways and I catched a train back to my grandparents (where I stay during my visit) for a dinner so good that it deserves a blog post of its own!

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