For your information

  • I have never played Pokémon GO. I get the exercise and walk into bars anyway.
  • I would probably never buy a Michael Kors bag – at least not the one that everyone seems to have. It is just not my taste. It is something about the gold details that do not appeal to me. I am more of a silver kind of woman. The reason I bring this up is because I do not get why some items get so much attention. I mean no harm!
  • My surname, Larsen, is from my mum, which is pretty unusual. My dad’s last name is Ferm.
  • I thought the worst thing I knew was falsehood or violence, or something. After watching the film P.S. I Love You again about a week ago, it made me change my mind because what would be worse than losing someone you love?
  • I am very much damaged by (lovely) London. Every time I am about to go through the gates by the trains, I strongly believe that I need to touch out to open the gates and leave the station. That is so not the case in Stockholm. The gates here open automatically from the inside. I bet people look at me and think I am a complete moron!

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