Today is a hot chocolate kind of day.

I started the day with an appointment at Rapide in the MOOD mall here in Stockholm. I have been doing my brows and lashes there for a while now and I am very pleased with the services. However, last time (a couple of months ago) was a disaster (new employee) so this time I did not have to pay. The result today was/is impeccable; great shaped/threaded brows and my lashes are now visible again thanks to greyish dark brown colour/dye! It feels so nice, a big improvement to your face when you have all the light colours; eyes, hair, skin…

Afterwards I walked to another part of the city to visit Mellqvist Kaffebar (coffee bar). I had hot chocolate and a bun. It was so tasty! I also saw Anders Timell who walked past. Ha!

I headed home again around lunchtime to freshen up a little and then my grandmother gave me a ride to the ER at Kungliga Karolinska. She works there and I wanted to go back into the city. I was strolling a while, again, before I ended up at this cosy little café in Gamla Stan named Café Schweizer. I just had another cup of hot chocolate here, and a cheesecake; indulgence deluxe today! I have been walking a lot today as well so I definitely think I am worth it. Also, remember that this is my winter break I never had last year over the holidays!

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