January first

For me, 2017 is not going to be about hitting the gym more often. This year will be about the following:

Eating better. I have to start thinking about what I eat, or rather, what I do not eat; skipping meals and barely eating real food is not healthy. Frankly, it is very stupid. I am not very bad at cooking but I cannot say that I am very good either. I have zero confidence in the kitchen but I am far from incapable. I need to begin to cook proper meals for myself – at least once a day. I probably suffer from several types of nutritional deficiencies and that is utterly bad in so many ways. Carbohydrates, fats, fibre, minerals, proteins, vitamins and water – here I come!

Daring to fail. I am a perfectionist. I want to do everything right and I am committed to perform in the best way possible. Whatever I do, it has to be done wholeheartedly. I am against mediocrity. I find it hard to do things in a perfunctory manner – then I see no reason to carry out the task. Consequently, my challenge is to lower my standards for myself just a little bit. High standards are beneficial in many aspects, but this is important to me because it will give me the courage to do more things. One cannot win if one do not even try and there are actually various things that I refrain from simply because of the feeling that I will not be able to do it well enough. Sometimes it is just about doing. It is definitely worth a shot. I need to convince myself that I can be good even if I am not the best. This has to do with self-esteem as much as it has to do with personal attributes. I must dare to live a little.

Feeling comfortable in my own skin. I ought to learn to accept my imperfections (but work on them if I can), value and love myself at all times and lastly, allow me to believe that I will do just as I am. Always. I have to trust that I am beautiful even though I do not like my nose, even though I want to lose weight, and even though I have fairly bad skin. The things that come with good self-esteem are many times much prettier than the physical.

I will also continue to work with Jubilee Line (my brand/fashion start-up), try to make friends/peace with as many as possible and last but not least, try to be better at giving compliments. It is so important and I urge everyone to get better at it! It is an amazing positivity boost. I am pretty good at it already but one can never give, nor take, enough compliments, right? As long as they are sincere!

The reason I do not have a resolution about workouts is because I tend to overdo it. I (already) go three or four times a week, I train hard and I usually stay for at least two hours. Furthermore, I always walk home from my work which is about a 20-minute stroll. I walk a lot, it is cheaper than taking the bus and my imaginary bike does not take me anywhere. What I am trying to say is that I am good at getting daily exercise! Therefore, this is not something I feel that I need to develop. Nevertheless, I will of course aim to stay in good shape and keep my routines as they are. Three, two, one… Go!

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