Adele: Live at Radio City Music Hall is airing on SVT1 right now. It is completely incomprehensible how anyone can have such a voice. That woman is beyond words… In addition to her impeccable singing and her divine stage presence, she manages to bring about feelings I never thought I had within me, in such a beautiful way. It is authentic and genuine throughout. Adele sings using her diaphragm but from the heart, and it goes right into another’s. Her lyrics are outstanding and her empathy with every little word – it is impossible not to get goosebumps all over the body and to lose one’s breath for a second or two. I am so close to tears now. Wow. I have got one word for you: perfection. Before I end this I must also emphasise her admirable personality; charm, wit and her priceless facial expressions! She is hilarious, absolutely lovely and she has got an amazing British accent! Moreover, I cannot think of another famous individual that appears to be as easy-going and friendly as her. I cannot compliment her enough. First-rate, ingenious, stunning… I could go on all night! No but seriously, there are not many who can stand almost completely still on a stage while simultaneously delivering world-class entertainment. Respect.

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