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Always jingle all the way




Nobody likes a half-assed jingler! I just couldn’t wait to share these Christmas images with you as well, taken two years ago when I was with my very best friend and her amazing family. I’ve been spending Christmas with them for the last two years so it feels a bit strange not to be with them this year again. However, I am going back to Stockholm for a couple of days in January and I hope to see them then!

Stay jolly




Just a little throwback to London 2012. Every season in that city is extraordinarily charming but it’s been too long now since I’ve seen the Christmas lights on Oxford Street and New Bond Street! The ambiance is incredible, not least in the shops as you can see. My pictures above are from Covent Garden and Harrods. But, maybe Christmas, she thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!

Kärt barn har många namn

Håll i er! Det har blivit dags att offentliggöra vad jag kallar några av mina familjemedlemmar och givetvis är det allt annat än deras faktiska namn! Anledningen till att jag vill dela med mig är mest för att jag tycker det är ganska roligt och påhittigt. Avgör/bedöm själva!

Mamma Anna lyssnar mestadels till “Mamma Annagrynsgröt” och mormor Lena har länge fått stå ut med “Mormor Morfin”. Mina femåringar till tvillingbröder är mina “tillisar” som i sin tur är någon slags kombination av orden “tvillingar” och “killar”. Sedan går tvilling nummer ett, Gustav, under namnen “Gusteau”, “Güsti” och “Duddi” medan tvilling två, Erik, råkat ut för “Erique” (måste ju vara två fransmän), “Rickekricke” och av någon märklig anledning “Krickon”… Mina tillisar Gusteau och Erique kallas även för “boarnen” som Erik uttalade “barnen” en gång för några år sedan när han skulle härma mitt “Hejdå barnen!” – så gülligt!

Sedan har vi lillasyster Emma… När hon var mindre trodde hon nog att hon hette Elsa eller Ella eftersom både jag och mamma kallat henne det ganska mycket av någon anledning! Nu för tiden är det dock mest Empan, Emsa och Emsie. Detta är dock bara ett urval! Min äldsta lillasyster Bella har fått höra både Bell, Belle och Alleb – d.v.s. Bella baklänges! Svante, min äldsta lillebror, kom jag just på ett bra namn till: Svantomen! Förr har jag däremot ropat på Svanton, Plankton och Svarre!

Sist men inte minst (eller jo, rent åldersmässigt) har vi lillebror Charlie, Charlan, Chilirino… Borde kanske nämna att jag flera gånger har fått minst lika fina namn av andra. Vad sägs om Jullie (som alla mammas barn säger), Julle eller Jules? Det var de schyssta. Gelébulle, Jullan och Scholie är inte jag…

Nespresso, what else?



After having a quick lunch with my mum today at Joe & The Juice, Emporia, I went to the city centre of Malmö to buy some Nespresso coffee capsules. Emergency Christmas replenishment! If I am going to live through Christmas holidays at work, caffeine is essential. I went a little crazy this time and tried some new flavours: floral and wild Bukeela ka Ethiopia, the new Variations Limited Edition inspired by Austrian pastries – Linzer Torte (redcurrant tart) and, of course, my one and only cappuccino and latte favourite – long roasted and velvety Dharkan. Besides, I still have a couple of powerful and contrasting Ristretto left at home. Chances are, I will survive the period ahead.

Brain baby, brain

Why do I always get the most brilliant ideas in the most uninspiring places? The concept of my business/fashion start-up, Jubilee Line, came to me during an extremely tedious bus ride from Heathrow to Exeter two years ago, in 2014. Today, when I was having a shower, I came up with a great idea for a PlayStation game that I would love to pitch for video game developers! In fact, it is too solid to reveal here. It seems that where I am the most uninspired, I automatically become inspired to think beyond the bore. I am a creative soul, no doubt about it. Even though I am mainly into design, I am bursting with ideas in various fields and I cannot wait to put them into action and make them a reality – in one way or another. I have long said that I will do a female version of Steve Jobs and in a completely different industry. I strongly believe that I am getting there!

Fjärde advent

gateau saffranskringla

Detta är något av det bästa jag vet, söndagar, sött och saffran! Gateau är min absoluta favoritkedja när det kommer till bakverk i Sverige. När jag unnar mig lite vardagslyx någon gång ibland blir det ofta därifrån; en croissant, latte eller något annat. Mums!

My body feels young but my mind is very old

Here are some things about me that other people often mention (so, I thought I’d mention them too):

  • I am often perceived as older than I actually am, both intellectually and physically – but not because of grey hairs nor wrinkles!
  • There is some kind of calmness about me. I don’t really know how to describe it. However, feel free to take me out on a date and see for yourself!
  • My voice is nice (so they say). I could be doing radio for a living! Well, it is sort of charming at times indeed but, occasionally I sound worse than a whale. To be honest, lately I’ve started to believe that something is wrong with my vocal cords. I (my throat) tend to get exhausted when I talk. Maybe I just don’t know how to talk properly… Perhaps I talk too much.
  • The length of my stride is long – I am told. I guess so! How else would I keep pace with Andy longlegs in London?
  • A few fellow beings think that I am taller than I am as well. What if… I am a tall woman caught in a short woman’s body? In fact, I thrive in high (yet comfortable) shoes and rarely wear flats. I’ve got four words for you: Nike Dunk Sky Hi.

I gotta get me, myself and mine

I truly love sales. However, I hate to go shopping (too crowded). Nevertheless, I like to have/wear/possess nice things. Who doesn’t? Consequently, I forced myself to visit Illums Bolighus the other day since they had a Christmas shopping event for loyal customers with 20 % off! Illums Bolighus is one of my favourite interior stores with lots of lovely Danish design, and not least because they sell designer clothing as well. I bought a lace top from Rosemunde in the colour “Vintage Powder” and some new additional copper hangers from HAY. Yay!

All that I’ve compromised to feel another high


Thanks to KICKS Cyber Monday less than two weeks ago, I am now a proud owner of these adorable eye shadow singles from Anastasia Beverly Hills. With 20 % off I ordered the colours: Bone (ivory), Glisten (shimmery beige), Noir (deep carbon black) and Sienna (earthy brown). Glisten and Sienna are absolutely gorgeous together and with the high pigment they really make my blue eyes pop! I am very pleased with my purchase!


“I never told you how much you mean to me, what in the world I would do – I just never made it through to you.”

“Home used to be just some walls that I knew, but the truth is that home means nothing without you.”

“There goes a month, there goes a year. So many things out there I fear.” And so many things I want to share…

“You taught me how to stand my ground. This life is a song, happy and sad, and I don’t want to sing without you Dad.”

“Maybe it’s selfish when I say these words: but I’m missing you.”