I went shopping! Online. (Still bedridden.) I have been looking for a new pair of the very best Nike Dunk Sky Hi (to the left) for a very long time now; they seem to be impossible to get hold of nowadays… So, I still hold on to the ones that I have, although they are almost worn out by now after nearly three and a half years together! Those shoes are one of my best purchases ever and they certainly are my favourite trainers. Anyway, since I could not find them yet again, I decided to buy similar ones from Reebok instead. On sale! I truly dig a fresh pair of sneakers and I cannot wait for them to be delivered! By the way, the Reebok Freestyle Hi, as they are called, were first produced in the early 80s. My mother used to wear black ones in the 90s, and I used to borrow them as Pippi (Longstocking) shoes when I was a kid. I guess they will never go out of style. I love it!

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