A time for giving, a time for getting

I didn’t ask for anything this year, didn’t write no Christmas wish list. As you get older it’s so much easier to get yourself what you want, whenever you want. I mean, once you get old enough to decide for yourself and when you start to earn your own money – you’re much more flexible and free. You don’t need anyone’s approval and it doesn’t take as long to save money with an income. I bet you get my point.

I think this is actually the first year I haven’t done a Christmas wish list in a very long time. There’s always something that you want but never have the courage to buy on your own; this Voluspa candle, for instance, that my siblings gave me. I love their range of products but I would rather spend my money on a piece of clothing if I had to choose – which is often the case. You have your funds, but it’s not an endless amount. Hence, you have to prioritise.

I also got this plain white top from Ralph Lauren. Thank you mum!

From my best friend’s parents: a Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet! This is something that I probably would never even think of buying for myself, but I definitely don’t mind having it and wearing it. Such a great gift! Many, many thanks!

More from my mother. I didn’t expect her to get me anything since she’s been extremely generous and helpful lately so this is just over the top. Nevertheless, I’ll gladly put this green Odd Molly towel among my other towels from Lexington and Missoni! I feel so spoiled!

This is the best thing that ever happened to my skin, at least the cleanser, barrier repair and serum concentrate. Dermalogica’s product system UltraCalming has really saved my sensitive skin. I already have these (not the mist) in bigger sizes, but eventually they will run out and in the meantime this kit will be great for travelling! You’re just too kind, mum!

Last but not least, this brilliant gift box from Rituals. My best friend Kajsa knows me well! Cheers!

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