Brain baby, brain

Why do I always get the most brilliant ideas in the most uninspiring places? The concept of my business/fashion start-up, Jubilee Line, came to me during an extremely tedious bus ride from Heathrow to Exeter two years ago, in 2014. Today, when I was having a shower, I came up with a great idea for a PlayStation game that I would love to pitch for video game developers! In fact, it is too solid to reveal here. It seems that where I am the most uninspired, I automatically become inspired to think beyond the bore. I am a creative soul, no doubt about it. Even though I am mainly into design, I am bursting with ideas in various fields and I cannot wait to put them into action and make them a reality – in one way or another. I have long said that I will do a female version of Steve Jobs and in a completely different industry. I strongly believe that I am getting there!

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