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Bedside table love

My little sister Emma gave me this piece of paper a few years ago when I had recently moved in with my mother again. The note says: “To Julia from Emma. I wish you could stay here more than all the days.” I also got the cute little drawing with it and the red glitter heart that is barely visible in this photograph. So much love.

Online shopping

Härmed tänker jag skriva lite kort om mina favoritbutiker på nätet där jag gärna beställer ifrån:

Lyko: brett sortiment med många bra produkter, snabba leveranser och schysst kundservice (men sällan jag behövt kontakta dem, vilket förstås är bra). Bäst av allt är dock att det alltid finns något bra erbjudande samt att man tjänar poäng på sina köp och får värdekuponger! Älskar det!

Nelly: helt okej. Låter helst bli att beställa därifrån eftersom de är lite större och har lite fler kunder än andra ställen, men ibland finns det plagg där som jag inte kan hitta någon annanstans. Det brukar inte vara några problem, det enda är att leveransen kan ta lite längre tid och därför beställer jag ofta på andra ställen före om jag kan. Det brukar dock sluta med Nelly ändå… Egentligen beställer jag inte så fruktansvärt mycket kläder online även om det blivit allt mer på senare tid.

Sportamore: god kundservice, lätt att byta varor vid fel storlek, tydlig info om vad som gäller vid köp o.s.v. Massvis med skor och sportkläder. Många varor med nedsatt pris!

Wakakuu: hittills bara beställt en orange Monclerjacka från dem men det gick alldeles utmärkt! Kommer garanterat att beställa mer därifrån, så mycket fina saker!

Jag brukar alltid försöka hitta reavaror och rabattkoder samt utnyttja bonuspoäng – såklart. Det finns nästan inget bättre än att fynda! SAS EuroBonus (poäng) är något jag kunnat dra nytta av en hel del (flyger ganska ofta), inte bara vid flygresor utan även för att betala med på t.ex. Boozt som jag för övrigt också är väldigt nöjd med!

In London everyone is different, and that means, everyone can fit in

I may not always be in London, but London is always with me. It was simply impossible to resist buying this Victorian Maps candle a while ago. London is my favourite place on earth due to the diverse and friendly people, splendid architecture and a delightful atmosphere. I know I will end up there. One day. Somehow. Soon.

It ain’t my fault

This girl, where do I even start? In my opinion, she is truly superior in her industry. So talented. She has an incredible voice, she is really good at dancing and she possesses a fantastic attitude, charisma and self-esteem; feels comfortable in her skin and very mature despite her young age. Not only that, she is awfully good-looking! She has beautiful features, a great body and nice hair. Not to mention the fancy makeups and extremely stylish clothes! I could kill for this whole outfit, the sequin jumpsuit with the matching heels and the fabulous (faux?) fur jacket. Smashing!

I would not mind the jacket Zara is wearing at the beginning of this performance either, it is just so right! Zara Larsson really inspires on so many levels, but the thing that I like about her the most is her gumption. I love individuals with ambitions; people who work hard to achieve their goals. Besides, this young woman is humorous, smart and witty. If only I were half as brilliant as her… So cool!

A time for giving, a time for getting

I didn’t ask for anything this year, didn’t write no Christmas wish list. As you get older it’s so much easier to get yourself what you want, whenever you want. I mean, once you get old enough to decide for yourself and when you start to earn your own money – you’re much more flexible and free. You don’t need anyone’s approval and it doesn’t take as long to save money with an income. I bet you get my point.

I think this is actually the first year I haven’t done a Christmas wish list in a very long time. There’s always something that you want but never have the courage to buy on your own; this Voluspa candle, for instance, that my siblings gave me. I love their range of products but I would rather spend my money on a piece of clothing if I had to choose – which is often the case. You have your funds, but it’s not an endless amount. Hence, you have to prioritise.

I also got this plain white top from Ralph Lauren. Thank you mum!

From my best friend’s parents: a Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet! This is something that I probably would never even think of buying for myself, but I definitely don’t mind having it and wearing it. Such a great gift! Many, many thanks!

More from my mother. I didn’t expect her to get me anything since she’s been extremely generous and helpful lately so this is just over the top. Nevertheless, I’ll gladly put this green Odd Molly towel among my other towels from Lexington and Missoni! I feel so spoiled!

This is the best thing that ever happened to my skin, at least the cleanser, barrier repair and serum concentrate. Dermalogica’s product system UltraCalming has really saved my sensitive skin. I already have these (not the mist) in bigger sizes, but eventually they will run out and in the meantime this kit will be great for travelling! You’re just too kind, mum!

Last but not least, this brilliant gift box from Rituals. My best friend Kajsa knows me well! Cheers!


I went shopping! Online. (Still bedridden.) I have been looking for a new pair of the very best Nike Dunk Sky Hi (to the left) for a very long time now; they seem to be impossible to get hold of nowadays… So, I still hold on to the ones that I have, although they are almost worn out by now after nearly three and a half years together! Those shoes are one of my best purchases ever and they certainly are my favourite trainers. Anyway, since I could not find them yet again, I decided to buy similar ones from Reebok instead. On sale! I truly dig a fresh pair of sneakers and I cannot wait for them to be delivered! By the way, the Reebok Freestyle Hi, as they are called, were first produced in the early 80s. My mother used to wear black ones in the 90s, and I used to borrow them as Pippi (Longstocking) shoes when I was a kid. I guess they will never go out of style. I love it!

Boxing Day

I’m not eating much at the moment because I’m still not feeling well, but I managed to eat a piece of fresh bread this morning. This is my favourite loaf of bread from Gateau, of course. I don’t usually like raisins and other fruits in bread, nor anything else really, but this is fine! However, sometimes I pick out some of the apricots if there are too many in one slice. I don’t like it when it’s too sweet. If you haven’t tried this you definitely should. One of the best things with it is that you don’t need any toppings, I just eat it with butter because the bread is very tasty as it is!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Christmas breakfast in all its glory the other day. I was supposed to work 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. but felt ill and when I arrived at work I nearly fainted so I decided to return home. I had a shower before I went back to bed but it took a little while because I had zero energy. After sleeping a few more hours, this is what I had to drink and eat. However, it did not taste good at all. I really was (and still am) sick but one has got to eat something… A five-star experience in terms of Starbucks logos though. You cannot see all of the cups on the table here, but one is for a bouquet of flowers since I do not yet own a vase, and another one with all my cutlery.

I spent Christmas sick and solo, but I was prepared – at least for the solo part. I had bought some food but I had no appetite for a real meal. Luckily, I had some Gateau and Peter Beier treats and although I did not feel well, I tried to make it as cosy as possible with the small amount of energy that I managed to gather. I lit some candles and made the table a little more festive than usual.

This little Bukowski bear was a gift from my mother last week, to feel less lonely I think. Very sweet! I had also purchased some expensive champagne, Veuve Clicquot, because hopefully, I will only have to spend Christmas alone once in life! Between my extra strong painkillers I tried some of it. I felt like I had to, I mean, it was Christmas! The Lindt balls, however, I never touched and I still cannot do it. My stomach is very strange, I think it is a virus in there. What a wonderful venue for Christmas festivities… You tiny bastards!

So, my Christmas 2016 consisted primarily of sleep, painkillers and television, but also a little bit of chocolate pralines and saffron pastries that I basically forced myself to consume. I needed the energy. Apparently, my family have had the same symptoms as I lately so I guess I got it from them. I cannot tell you what it is because I do not know, but as I mentioned, probably a sneaky virus.

To feel less abandoned on the day, I had provided myself with an army of golden Lindt bears and I also brought out some soft toys hidden on a shelf. I wore them around my neck on my graduation day… Aside from being sick and solo on Christmas, it was okay. I do not mind being on my own and I certainly know how to enjoy my own company. I was a bit emotional, too, but I got over it. I was given some great presents that I will show you later, and I got several phone calls and texts. I am happy after all. I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas!

I do naughty nicely

Dear Santa. Before I explain, how much do you know already?

I’ve been an angel all year

My mum came by my flat today to leave some flowers and pressies! I was really surprised actually but of course, very grateful. She made me really happy! The truth is, she came by twice and the second time around to leave a bag of food! She is absolutely amazing, just like my best friend and her family who sent me Christmas gifts all the way from Stockholm! The amaryllis I got from my wonderful grandmother when she was visiting in mid-December. Thank you all so much!