Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s caffeine



I ended up at Starbucks today, again. I like sitting there with my MacBook Air, it is a good place to get things done whilst drinking a whole lot of latte!

The outfit of the day, as you can see above, made me feel like an Abercrombie & Fitch employee. Both my very fit jeans and the cosy jumper were purchased in the store. I am mighty fond of their range of products. However, I love my shoes (Isabel Marant), my jacket (Barbour) and my bag (Longchamp) as well.

By the time Starbucks closed at 7 p.m. I went over to Espresso House next door and bought a flat white because one cannot drink too much coffee! But, that is not true; gastritis is very much in the way of my otherwise committed relationship with hot beverages… Anyway, I sat down on a couch at the middle table in a line of three. Yes, those are important details for you to know and here is why: after a while a strange guy showed up and took a seat on my left, right beside me! I perceived the man as awfully peculiar, and I think he was homeless because he smelled really bad. So, I obviously could not stay where I was because I value being able to breathe. I moved as discreetly as possible to the next table to the right, in order to get away from him. Unfortunately, it did not help much. Hence, I began to plan the complete escape to breathability. It was a couple of sickening minutes before I saw my rescue – a vacant seat across the room. Finally! I gathered my belongings and walked over there. I was so glad for a moment… The moment passed. Quickly. Guess what? He followed me and such things makes me extremely uncomfortable. Consequently, I chose to leave the café. Although I was surrounded by several other people, you never know what might happen. Thankfully, he did not accompany me home.

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