English is my cup of tea


Currently at Starbucks, Malmö Central Station. I had a pumpkin spice latte, so sweet but so good, and a yoghurt with granola and honey – because I’m worth it (my mother told me so anyway, and I happily agree with her). My MacBook Air had to update Safari for 30 minutes before I could finally use it (excellent timing) but I’m online now, at last! Whilst I was waiting I got very thirsty and wanted water but I wondered whether I had to buy a bottle, or if I could just ask for tap water. I decided to ask an employee for the latter but I couldn’t think of the word in Swedish! He must have been very confused when I spoke with an impeccable Swedish/Stockholm accent and said, “May I have some… what’s the word in Swedish… tap water?” To clarify: I said all of it in Swedish except for “tap water” which I uttered with A-OK English. Ha.

The reason I’m sitting here today is because I needed not to see my flat for a couple of hours, and also since I wanted to make CV writing slightly more fun. It’s working, except for that I’ve only published a blog post so far. I better get started!

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