I gotta get me, myself and mine.



I truly love sales. However, I hate to go shopping (too crowded). Nevertheless, I like to have/wear/possess nice things. Who doesn’t? Consequently, I forced myself to visit Illums Bolighus the other day since they had a Christmas shopping event for loyal customers with 20 % off! Illums Bolighus is one of my favourite interior stores with lots of lovely Danish design, and not least because they sell designer clothing as well. I bought a lace top from Rosemunde in the colour “Vintage Powder” and some new additional copper hangers from HAY. Yay!

By the way, it looks like someone cooked dinner on my wall…

All that I’ve compromised to feel another high.


Thanks to KICKS Cyber Monday less than two weeks ago, I am now a proud owner of these adorable eye shadow singles from Anastasia Beverly Hills. With 20 % off I ordered the colours: Bone (ivory), Glisten (shimmery beige), Noir (deep carbon black) and Sienna (earthy brown). Glisten and Sienna are absolutely gorgeous together and with the high pigment they really make my blue eyes pop! I am very pleased with my purchase!


“I never told you how much you mean to me, what in the world I would do – I just never made it through to you.”

“Home used to be just some walls that I knew, but the truth is that home means nothing without you.”

“There goes a month, there goes a year. So many things out there I fear.” And so many things I want to share…

“You taught me how to stand my ground. This life is a song, happy and sad, and I don’t want to sing without you Dad.”

“Maybe it’s selfish when I say these words: but I’m missing you.”

The Tale of Thomas Burberry.

This is perfection. Watch in HD.

Before the spark diminishes from the life you’re meant to lead.

My last two days (Monday-Tuesday) in pictures. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, my private: @jmll or my official/public one: @jubileejulia.

Första advent.




Godmorgon! Ligger fortfarande kvar i sängen och njuter denna måndag. Däremot, kunde min första lediga dag efter att ha jobbat helg fått börja lite bättre. Jag har fått jätteont i mitt högra knä. Har haft det lite grann sedan jag började jobba igen men inatt kunde jag inte vända mig utan att jag kände smärta. Nu på morgonen har jag inte velat sträcka ut det drabbade benet alls, men efter en Alvedon känns det i alla fall lite bättre!

Första advent, igår, söndag, var en trevlig dag trots jobb och gym. Jag unnade mig en saffranskringla på Gateau (till lunch…) och efter jobbet, precis innan gymmet, köpte jag en “NOCCO Skumtomte” som faktiskt var väldigt god! Jag drack den inte förrän jag var hemma igen dock; satte mig vid köksbordet och kollade på en julfilm på Netflix innan jag orkade mig in i duschen. Helt slut var (är) jag.

Nu ska jag snart upp och tvätta med mitt onda knä. Vi får se hur det går!

I just can’t get you out of my head.

Good evening folks! Currently sweating my ass of at the 24/7 gym in Västra Hamnen (West Harbour) here in Malmö, right next to my new job at the grocery shop – Maxi ICA Stormarknad. The main reason I’m writing this right now is because I’m playing good old Kylie Minogue songs as we “speak”. I’ve grown up with her music since my dad loves her. When I was about 5 years old I used to watch the VHS we had with her music videos… Anyway, many of her tracks are actually really good here at the gym and for the walk home later!

Destination Christmas.

I’ve been longing for the Christmas season for quite some time now, and it’s finally here! I love to get in the mood with Christmas songs, films and not least – adverts (I’m sure you can tell by now)! Here’s a cute one from Heathrow Airport that I recently found. British adverts are beyond compare. The majority of the Christmas adverts I’ve seen and shared with you, I would be delighted to see as full-length feature films. There are several brilliant narratives with great messages, not to mention the various remarkable characters!

Christmas with love from Mrs Claus makes me realise what truly makes me happy – my siblings. Their happiness. I wish I could give them everything they ever wanted, but most importantly, I wish I could be with them and share the joy. I really appreciate all the time I get to spend with them (which, unfortunately, is not too often). It doesn’t matter if we just talk over the phone or if we only meet a few minutes to say hello; each and every moment is precious.

All things SOREL.


SOREL, the best brand when it comes to winter shoes! Stylish with comfort, protection and warmth! The selection above are my favourites from the range. All images are from SOREL’s website. Check ’em out!

Can’t wrap this!

Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year – unless you’re a Hamleys employee and have to wrap teddy bears and other toys that are ‘mission impossible’ ha-ha! Today it is three years ago I started working as a Christmas employee at Hamleys (The Finest Toy Shop in the World) in Malmö. Undoubtedly a festive season and a very merry time of my life!