Got to get a rain check on fame

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Whilst in Thailand an Asian man tried to take a selfie with me in the hotel elevator (without asking) and yesterday, at the central station here in Malmö, another guy filmed me as I walked past. Please respect that I’m not famous, yet. Ha! I know I’m cool and dress a bit wild but I’d rather have these people asking for pictures even though I’d say no, lol. Actually, yesterday in Copenhagen a guy came up to me and told me I was beautiful. He also asked whether I wanted to hang out with him… I’m such a nice person so I find it really hard to just ignore or say no, but thankfully he got the hint as I told him I’m busy with work these days. Ugh, this happened in Miami last year as well at Target of all places. Well, well…

I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Just checking in to tell you I’m really a mermaid. I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, just like Ariel. I’d say the only difference is that I wouldn’t comb my waves with a ”dinglehopper” a.k.a. fork. So, instead I got myself a peachy Tangle Teezer x Skinnydip London. I own way too many hairbrushes but on the other hand I also have way too much lion’s mane to tame. I look forward to try the Nails Inc London blue Mermaid nail polishes as well. I’m totally flippin’ my fins this summer!

Bangkok Day 4, Tuesday: A pretty girl aged 24

April 2nd. My birthday! Mum and I went to Health Land for massage. First Thai massage of my life. I loved and hated it. Ha! A very interesting experience.

Met up with Jennie and our grandmother at The Okura Prestige hotel around 2:00 PM for afternoon tea. My choice.

Theme of the season, Sakura Afternoon Tea, at Up and Above bar. They even had a whole cherry blossom tree up there!

I am not impressed with the service in general here in Thailand but this was super sweet! A complimentary chocolate cake for the birthday girl.

The view from the building was simply amazing.

I don’t even know how I got my hair to look like this. The humidity here is insane.

Before we went to this sky/rooftop bar, I got a few presents and lots of love from the family. We also ate some homemade cake with the kids. However, those pictures will remain private.

Titles of the day: Champagne Popper and Bar Hopper! Here at Escape Bangkok. Great vibes, fine drinks and cool tunes.

Every bar should have these napkins.

I really had a blast. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Bangkok Day 3, Monday: April Fools’ Day

Morning swim. No colour filter. Look at that orange sunrise!

Let’s get cultural! Grand Palace was beautiful, so many details everywhere.

A royal coffee break.

Very touristy today. Wat Pho. An enormous Buddha.

Lunch by the river at The Deck.

Went to the kids’ school and spotted a tropical almond tree.

Post-family time. Went on my own to explore the malls right next to our hotel, EmQuartier and Emporium. Found a sky garden!

So cosy!

Found a Gourmet Market before I went back to the hotel. Thailand is almost as good as Florida when it comes to ice cream flavours. Stay tuned!

Bangkok Day 2, Sunday: Don’t worry about us

1/10 of the breakfast here.

A wide selection of drinks. Decisions, decisions!

Where I go bananas every morning.

Hotel restaurant area.

Sundays are for weekend markets. Jatujak to be precise.

These soaps smelled SO good, especially the mango ones.

A crowded and huge area of stands.

A lot for my iPhone to capture…

Not as much to purchase. Ha!

No vacay without coconuts!


The cats here are so dirty but so ADORABLE.

It was only me, Jennie, our grandmother and Emma that went to the market.

Mum and the twins were busy with other things whilst we were strolling these streets.

Coco JJ for the sisters! The original coconut ice cream.

It was delicious and Em is so sweet, she always says thank you in Thai with the proper hand gesture and the citizens just love her.

Tbh, it doesn’t really feel like we’re on spring break here. My family is here and they basically know everything you need to know so it’s very easy to get around. Also, I’ve been here before although it’s years ago!

From one sort of shopping to another! Here at Terminal 21 (shopping mall) where each floor is inspired by a city of the world. San Fransisco was really cool!

I don’t really spend money on anything but desserts here. A black lava croissant and a matcha drink at CODE. Yum!

Good thing that I like walking!

My little local and tour guide. ”Don’t drink on the train, don’t point at Buddha, stand up during the King’s song…” To be continued!

Bangkok Day 1, Saturday: Woke up in Bangkok

Took off from Stockholm on Friday. Very excited about Bangkok, less excited about the 10 hour long-haul flight… This picture was taken a few minutes after take-off just outside of Stockholm.

Travel trousers, support socks (because I’m an old lady) and some polar bear to wear. Your airport outfit is very important… Sweatpants, but make it fashion.

Cheers to rest and recreation, or something like it. Mandatory flight wine a few minutes in. Notice my pale skin in these pictures, I hope to be able to deliver some difference at the end of the trip!

Somewhere over Russia I started to think, and talk. ”I can see how the Cold War was happening down there among the snow-covered fields. Maybe it wasn’t in Russia it, but it looks cold.”

Touchdown Bangkok and off to the hotel. Hilton as per. Jennie fixes it all, great to have a team member in the fam.

Hey, BKK.

Arrived in time for Bangkok breakfast, after midnight Swedish time, but of course we had to try some fruits and sweets before we went to sleep for four hours…

Mum and the kids came to see us around 1:00 PM and then we went downtown together. My sister showed me where they usually go grocery shopping and pointed out everything that she likes, and what she doesn’t: durian!

Uhm, wait a sec. Bangkok or Miami?

Coffee break at The Coffee Club with the crew.


Loved this coffee shop, super fresh and the menu… Wow. Will be back at least one more time before we go back home to Sweden!

Special post-”fika” treat for the kids, on the house. So cute!

Next stop: Lumphini Park. Lots of palm trees, monitor lizards and cats!

A great range of beautiful flowers, too.

So pretty!

For some reason I’ve only been taking photos of fallen flowers so far. Still quite charming though?

Park play date with the siblings!

Caturday. Yeah, I’mma stay.

Beautiful surroundings.

I believe this was taken during the so called ”golden hour”.

Back on the Sky Train headed for dinner. A lot to love with this picture in my opinion, especially the pink sky.

Bangkok International Fashion Week.

Dinner with the family before the jet lagged ones called it a day.

Ready for take-off

Arrived in Stockholm yesterday. Tomorrow, we’re off to Bangkok! Me, my cousin and my grandmother are going to visit my mum and my siblings. I’m so excited! Will try to update the blog, but I recommend following me on Instagram: @jubileejulia where I will for sure give you frequent news. Stay tuned, will ya?


Today it is 65 days until I get to see my mother and siblings in Bangkok, Thailand, where they currently live. I cannot wait to go there, both to see them all, of course, but also to get some sun again. I need it. I’ve been to Bangkok before, when I was six years old. I don’t remember much but the memories I have are mainly bad ones. I know it smelled badly in the streets. Ha! If anyone has been there, feel free to give me some advice on where to go, etc. I’m busy planning my trip and I have a long list already, but please, if there’s something I just cannot miss – let me know!

Better than sex

Ugh, I am tired of swiping left and all those late night WhatsApp chats that lead nowhere. So, this year I might as well spice things up with myself. LUSH Cosmetics have released a limited edition series of Valentine’s gifts and I NEED at least a few of them: an Aubergine bath bomb, a Peachy bath bomb and The Big Banana massage bar.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing someone you care and spending quality time with that special someone. In my case, yet another year, that happens to be nobody but me. Teamed with a book and a cuppa, I am ready to pamper and indulge in some good self-loving this February. Never have I ever had a better reason to get naked!

One winter’s night, a snowman comes to life

“This Barbour Christmas, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman we’re celebrating the magic of believing, that maybe, just maybe, dreams will come true…”

Can I have this book to read for my future kids, please?

I also want one of these adorable Steiff snowmen made of cuddly soft plush – obviously for me. Seriously, look at his tangerine nose. I want him. The Snowman.